Why is Sugar Bad for You?

why is sugar bad for you

Many people wonder why is sugar bad for you. It wasn’t always bad, but nowadays we add sugar to everything in our diets and in this way we are eating way more than we should each day.

Did you know that just by cutting down on the sugar, your can avoid 50% more infections, improve your immune system, and stay younger for longer?

Did you know that you only need to cut out sugar from your diet and your immune system will perform 50% better. I am sure the mere thought of never eating sugar again makewhy is sugar bad for you

s you feel sick, but researchers have found that just 1 teaspoon of sugar impairs your immune system by 50% for a few hours after consumption. So if you eat a little bit of sugar now and then throughout the day, your immune system is impaired by 50% all day long. This can make an incredible difference on whether an infection catches hold or not. Now that is a scary thought.

Why is Sugar Bad for You

According to Personal & Finance, researchers have determined that the average fully-functioning white blood cell could destroy about 16 germs per minute. After an overnight fast, research volunteers each swallowed the equivalent of just less than 100 grams of a simple sugar found in honey, orange juice or starch. Their blood was drawn and white blood cells analysed at intervals of 30 and 60 minutes for several hours, to observe how many germs they could ‘eat’ per minute.

According to the study, the number of germs white blood cells are capable of destroying two hours after consumption of any typoe of sugar, except starch, is on average half the normal level.

Beware of Commercial Orange Juice

Strangely the researchers found that even orange juice, which is known as one of the best juices, interfered with the body’s ability to fight germs. This could also be because most commercial fruit juices, even the no sugar added ones, are nothing but naturally fruit-flavored sugar.

So if you can’t do without your morning glass of orange juice, it is best to squeeze your own, as the whole fruit juice, including the fiber doesn’t cause nearly as much of a sugar problem.

How To Give Up Sugar, But Not Sweet Tastes

Next time you go shopping, try to stock up on some snacks that do not have any refined sugar. Remember the test showed that starches didn’t have the same bad effect on the immune system.

There are copious amounts of crackers, pretzels and other sugar-free snack that will make great substitutes.

Raw vegetables and fruits are also safe. Try to stick with foods that are whole grain, low in fat and high in nutrients.

Remember, you can’t ignore your blood pressure, cholesterol or weight, just because you are trying to give your immune system a boost.

Another no no is substituting sugar for artificial sweeteners. Chemicals found in these artificial sweeteners may or may not increase our odds of getting infections, but they can cause their own problems.

If you are having problems weaning yourself off of sweet stuff, try a herbal sweetener such as Xylitol. You will only need to use a fraction of this, as it is a lot sweeter than normal sugar.

So if this hasn’t answered your question on why is sugar bad for you, please comment below.



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