My Simpleology Review

simpleology review

This is my Simpleology Review according to the experiences I have had by using this software. If you are wondering whether or not Simpleology is a scam or not, read on.

In this Simpleology review I would like to do a review on a program that I have been using for a few years now, and not only has it helped me to organize my life better, it has helped me to be a lot more productive than I believed possible, thus this Simpleology review on the pro’s and con’s of using this software.organise your life better

I have been using the free or lite version of Simpleology for years, and decided to go paid this year, did the boot camp and am currently on the black belt.

I am finding that my work life and my hobbies are all getting done in a much more timely fashion and I have learned to prioritize the important things in life by using this system.

The habits that I have built up to have made a huge impact on how much I can actually fit into my day and I am finding I am getting far more done than I ever did in the past and still have time left over for my hobbies, which never happened in the past.

Name: Simpleology
Website: Simpleology.com
Price: Free to Start
Owners: Mark Joyner
Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

simpleology review

What Is Simpleology?

Simpleology is a platform for anybody who needs a great organizational tool to organize their lives and make themselves work more efficiently and productively.

It is also a great tool for businesses to have as the workflow and projects module within the platform will help boost the entire company’s productivity and keep everyone on the same page.

By following the training as set out you can train your self to work a lot more efficiently and save a whole bunch of time.

This tool is ideal for people who don’t have enough hours in their days to do all that they are supposed to or want to do.

This tool helps you to sort out the most important tasks and learn what to prioritize in our lives as well as motivate you to actually do them.

Who Owns Simpleology?

Simpleology is the brainchild of Mark Joyner who is a well-known internet marketing veteran.

Mark originally came up with the concept for Simpleology back in 2005 when he was selling courses to help people become more productive and manage their finances better.

Over time, the courses that he taught evolved into a fully automated system where all a user has to do is follow a few prompts each day and then work through what he or she needs to get done for the day, in a highly organized manner.

Prior to founding this company, Mark Joyner has had a long and successful track record as an entrepreneur and internet marketing legend.

Mark Joyner’s accolades include:

  • Founder of Aesop, the first ebook publishing company.
  • Founder of ROIBot, the first online ad-tracking company, and first client-side SAAS.
  • Founder of SearchHound, the second pay-per-click search engine, and this was years before Google came about.
  • Mark has written over a dozen books, several of which were #1 bestsellers (The Irresistible Offer, Mind Control Marketing, The Great Formula, etc.)

Who Is Simpleology For?

Simpleology is for anyone who wants to organize their lives and improve their daily productivity. The best thing about this program is that you can join as a lite user for free and use the basic system, as well as get your white belt training, which teaches you how to use the system and how to create good habits that make you more productive. You never have to upgrade to continue using the lite version.

The program is constantly evolving and growing, and there are many features that have been added since I joined a few years ago.

Company’s and businesses would do well having a program like Simpleology to help organize the internal workflow of the organization and large projects where more than one person is involved in the process.

Let’s Look At The Program Itself

This wouldn’t be a Simpleology review if we didn’t take a look at the main features of the Simpleology system which include the following:

  • A Dream Catcher. This is my favorite part of the system because as you come up with thoughts and ideas throughout the day, you simply add them to the Dream Catcher. I do mine via an app on my phone. Now you can forget about it until you go to start my day the following day and you can then decide what to do with your dream catcher items. If you wake up in the middle of the night with a thought or idea, simply add it to the dream catcher.
  • Start my day. Each day this is a quick and easy way to get going and plan your day. It takes literally five minutes to run through.simpleology
  • Delegation Station allows you to delegate tasks to a third party and also track how they are progressing with the task.
  • Trackers to help you keep track of things like earnings, weight or anything you like in the form of charts or graphs.
  • To-Do Lists to ensure that you don’t forget to do something. You can schedule to do’s for certain dates so that they show up on start my day on the day you specify. You can add in as many lists as you like.simpleology review
  • Great training. The system is quite involved, especially when it comes to creating projects for teams or making engines to automate your tasks. The training is done in small daily chunks that allow you to absorb and practice what you learn. I am currently on the black belt training and although I don’t use the projects section too much as I work mainly on my own, it is still great to know that I have options. This section is great if you have virtual assistants working for you or you work within a large company and you need to get everyone on the same page. If you have a family, this could be a useful platform to use when delegating tasks to your children and following up.

Simpleology Pros:

  • The system is well thought out and keeps all aspects of your life organized.
  • The paid version is very advanced and large corporations can run projects on it with ease.
  • The training is fun to do and you actually look forward to logging in each day.
  • The system teaches you to build good habits, and this has definitely made me more productive.
  • There is a lite version for free users, although there are a lot of features you won’t get, there may still be enough for your daily needs if you work alone.

Simpleology Cons:

  • As a free user you get limited functionality, but still enough to organize your day with ease.
  • The paid version can be pricey. I only upgraded because I was offered a special of $27 per month. I think the monthly cost is normally closer to $47 per month.
  • The system is confusing to use, so you will need to go through the training if you want to use it to its full potential.
  • There are upsells, but these are generally sent you to now and then in the form of separate courses for self-improvement.

simpleology review

Is Simpleology A Scam?

Simpleology is definitely not a scam. It is a little pricey, but you will do well to wait for special offers before upgrading.

Simpleology is a legitimate online program, and it also has an affiliate program linked to it.

Most people that work on their own will do fine with the free version and only need to upgrade if they want to further hone in on their organizational skills.

Please comment below if you have had any experiences with Simpleology that you would like to share.

Trust you enjoyed this Simpleology review.

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  1. Simpleology! Wow! this is new to me! 

    I am familiar with simple planners that do not require much time for learning how to use them but this seems to take planning to a whole new level. I am usually a very impatient person and like instantaneous stuff but will have a look at this and see it for myself. Maybe also go for the light version first. Thank you for the information.

    • Good luck Neea Grace. I have found, even though a bit more complicated to learn than the conventional to-do list apps, the results are well worth it.

  2. All these features about Simpleology are great. It will be useful for people that are business owners. Be it a sole proprietorship, partnership or joint and corporate business. 

    Creating a to-do list will allow them to navigate well in their day to day activities without getting stumbled by distraction. I like the fact that there is access to a free version and there is training. I will love to try the free version out and see how it works. The paid version is a little bit pricey but might not be a concern if it delivered well.

    Can the free version users also have access to the training? You have done a great job by telling us the features of Simpleology but I don’t really know how it works. How will it inform the users about the list they have created?

    • Hi Stella,

      With the free version, you get training included on how to use it. The idea is to build the habit of logging into your account each day and getting the items on your to-do list done in a timely manner, leaving you more time to focus on the important stuff.

  3. I am amazed what technology can do for us in today world. This is an interesting tool and it will help to track goals or dreams and systematically monitoring success. 

    The content has clear information about the tool and tackle concerns about legitimacy.

    Is there preview version?

    Amazing and thank you for sharing.

    • There is a free lite version you can try out, and for most people, this will be all that they need.

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