How To Deal With Problems In Life

how to deal with problems in life

In this article let’s look at how to deal with problems in life in the most stress-free way that we can.

They say the makings of a great movie will make you laugh, cry and feel in love all at once. Psychologists call that blended emotional events. It occurs when you feel a plethora of emotions within a short amount of time.

While those emotions make for a cinematic masterpiece, dealing with fleeting emotions on a regular basis can be overwhelming and stressful. Especially when you don’t have any positive ways to manage them.

Many individuals who face drug and alcohol addiction blame their state on not being able to cope with their problems or ever being shown how to deal with problems in life in general.

Instead of releasing their frustrations in positive ways, they felt that engaging in those activities would help solve their issues. Unfortunately, millions of individuals lose their lives due to these unwise coping strategies.

Other negative coping strategies aren’t as evasive. Some may include passive-aggressiveness, laziness or avoidance.

Individuals who don’t know how to deal with problems in life and don’t know how to express themselves may find it difficult having lasting relationships with others. This makes for a lonely existence that could result in anxiety and depression over time.

Repressing your emotions, whether good or bad, comes with inner challenges. Often times, this can impact your daily routine. Instead of allowing your emotions to overwhelm you it’s wise to develop positive coping strategies that’ll help you endure. This will help you avoid potentially dangerous activities that could put you or others in danger.

If you find yourself dealing with problems and you need constructive ways to manage them, consider these five tips that’ll help you effectively deal with your biggest challenges.

Five Constructive Ways On How To Deal With Problems In Life

1. Talk to a Trusted Friend

Sometimes, the best therapy is releasing your emotions through the age-old art of communication.

A good friend, with your best interests at heart, can be the rock you need during harsh times. Confide in someone you trust to alleviate stress and receive suggestions and advice. Sometimes, others have experienced the same trials and can offer reliable and helpful information that can help you too.

2. Get a Hobby

how to deal with problems in life

There’s nothing more satisfying than creating something new in the face of challenges. If you’re experiencing problems, it’s wise to spend your time doing something productive. This gives you a sense of purpose without dwelling on your issues.

Such hobbies include art, sports, gardening or cooking. Sometimes the act of engaging in an activity is therapy in itself.

Hell, nowadays you can even create a business centered around your hobbies.

3. Seek Professional Help

Sometimes certain problems are so overwhelming, they need the guidance of a trained professional.

Never be afraid to seek help for your toughest challenges. A trained counselor or therapist will never judge or reveal what you share with them. They’ll be able to offer constructive advice that you can implement into your daily life.

4. Meditate

Although it may seem counterproductive to do nothing in the face of distress, often times this gives you the clarity you need. Meditation encourages you to allow thoughts and emotions to come without judgment.

This gives you a clear mindset to effectively deal with challenges. After your mind is clear, you, re able to take control of your problem and develop a positive solution.

Some people also find journaling after meditation to be a great way to develop positive coping strategies and solutions.

5. Exercise

how to deal with problemsEngaging in regular exercise is scientifically proven to release problem-solving endorphins. You’re releasing energy that would ordinarily be used for worrying and converting it into something productive.

If you’re dealing with minor to major issues, consider increasing your exercise routine to provide your mind with some much-needed clarity.

We all face mild to severe problems at one point or another. So Instead of turning to destructive coping strategies, it’s wise to engage in something positive. This will help you effectively deal with your problems in a constructive manner.

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  1. I testify that nothing is better than directing bad emotions at your hobby.

    The world is filled with a history of those who created their masterpiece shortly after a bad incidence in their lives. 

    So when we are in mess, it is one of the best times to see how we can improve on our passion.

    Exercising helps release some hormones that make us feel better, it could do more than what alcohol would do at that moment. Lifting ourselves from the problem is something that must happen within. Not everyone has trusted friends.

    • Yes, you are right. I have also read that many artists came up with masterpieces during stressful moments in their lives.

  2. Hi Michel, thanks for your write up on how to deal with problems in life. Life is full of challenges and when not handled properly, can lead to serious problems. I will agree with you that talking to a trusted friend goes a long way in helping us when we are in difficult situations.

     I love the fact that you mentioned “trusted”, there are some friends that are not worth it. After communicating with our trusted friends, we feel relief and such friends might be able to give positive suggestions that can help in alleviating the problems. Exercise is also great. Thanks for your informative piece .

    • Thanks for the comment Gracen. Yes sometimes you have to make sure that friends can be trusted, as some like to gossip.

  3. This is quite interesting and motivating. My mum usually tells me a problem-free life is actually a fraudulent life. 

    There is no way problems won’t arise at one point in our lives but it’s actually the way we deal with them make us superhumans. 

    All these tips are really good ways to deal with life problems truly. The two that are significant to me are Exercise and Hobbies. Exercise will help and doing one’s hobby will bring light to one’s life. I believe in meditation too because it will help put your life into focus.

    • Yes these are all simple, but effective ways to help deal with daily stress and problems. Thanks for the comment.

  4. Hi, thank you for an informative article. The first point of dealing with issues by talking to a friend is a great way to offload indeed. Like you said a friend with your best interest at heart, will definitely push you to seek the necessary help if need be.  

    I didn’t know that exercise can help one cope, would it not be a challenge along the way when it becomes addictive because I have seen situations like that where people avoid seeking professional help but literally stay at the gym.  I am going to consider it though.

    • I don’t think exercise is a problem. It is only a few people who go overboard with exercise, which causes stress to the body, but on the whole, exercise gets your mind off of your problems.

  5. Life isn’t fun without the problems that we have to deal with on a daily basis. 

    Problems spice up our lives and make us stronger individuals. However, it is up to us to decide whether we’ll let the problems overwhelm us or get back up and say, we have bigger faith than the problems in front of us. 

    Great advice you have there and I hope you’ll continue to inspire many. 

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