Learn How To Type Fast

learn how to type fast

Do you know how to type with all your fingers, or do you type with one finger at a time? If you own a website or do any type of content marketing, then you need to learn how to type fast.

Do you know how much quicker it will be for you if you can type, and how much time you can save simply by taking a bit of time to learn how to type fast using all your fingers in a constructive way on your keyboard?

It took me a year to master typing and to get to the stage where I was typing 80 words per minute. This was on about 30 minutes a day. Anyone who owns a computer should know how to type, as it is a skill you can use throughout your life.

In the old days, it was only a typist who needed to learn this skill, but now just about everyone owns a computer, so it would benefit everyone to learn this valuable skill.

More and more schools are introducing typing and computer skills at a young age to prepare our children for the technology-based world that we live in.

learn how to type fast

The Advantages Of Learning Touch Typing


Speed is obviously the most beneficial advantage and a great reason why to learn how to type fast. Writing on your keyboard will become effortless and quick, and you can churn out content at a rapid rate of knots.

You will be extremely lucky to reach 30 words per minute using two fingers, but by learning to touch type you can reach in excess of 80 words per minute which is a huge time saver.


Because typing is physically and mentally exhausting to do for long periods of time, learning to do touch typing properly reduces both the mental and physical fatigue you will experience with other methods.

With touch typing, you only have to focus on the output, and not where each key is on the keyboard. You won’t need to bend your head over the keyboard constantly to find your next few keystrokes, and thus your better posture will prevent you from getting tired too quickly.


Overall, touch typing is far better for your health. You’re not hunched over looking at the keys, and using all of your fingers actually reduces the risk for repetitive stress injuries, or RSI.

Many people who work on keyboards or with computers all day are at risk for these repetitive stress injuries.


If you spend your time staring at your keyboard instead of your screen, you won’t notice when you make errors, and you will have to check your work far more carefully at the end to ensure all is fine.

With touch typing, you can watch the screen as you type and catch the errors as they are made.

Career Prospects

Typing is not really an optional skill anymore. Many employers require computer skills and a certain typing speed to even be considered for some positions. They certainly won’t be looking for 20-30 word per minute hunt and peck typists.

Learning to touch type, and to do so accurately, can be one of the most invaluable skills of your career. If you want to find out your wpm typing speed, visit http://www.ratatype.com/typing-test/.

How To Learn How To Type Fast

There are many products on the market place, that don’t cost a bomb that can teach you to type in an efficient manner, and I have listed some good ones below.

If you want to find out more about the products simply click on the link or on the picture of the product.

If you want to get started you can start by doing the following:

  1. Place your left index finger on the f.
  2. Place your left middle finger on the d.
  3. Place your left ring finger on the s.
  4. Place your left baby finger on the a.
  5. Place your right index finger on the j.
  6. Place your right middle finger on the k.
  7. Place your right ring finger on the l.

Now you need to train your brain as to which finger is on which letter.

The best way to do this is by doing typing drills.

Once you know these keys and how to type them without looking, then you move onto more advanced finger work.

For instance, your left index finger will also go to g, t, r, and v, and your left baby finger will go to q and z as well as a.

Although it all seems very complicated in the beginning, but if you do a typing course, you will get drills to practice and eventually it becomes like driving, and your fingers will move automatically over the keyboard without you having to think which letters your fingers are hitting and where they are.

Remember to keep your wrists lifted as this will improve your typing speed.

Here are three excellent products that are worth the investment if you are serious about wanting to learn how to type properly.

Typing Master 10 Premium [Download]

Currently, this item is available only to customers located in the United States.

Typing Master Typing Tutor is professional typing software with versatile drills that adapt to your skill level to bring you some results in just 5 hours of training.

Typing Master features bite-size exercises that are easy to fit into a daily training schedule. Lessons, tests, dynamic reviews, games and progress reports build your way to learn how to type fast and professionally.

The typing Meter Widget analyzes your typing while you work and provides tailored training to suit you.

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Powered by UltraKey v2 – Personal Edition for Mac [Download]

Mastering typing is easier than ever with the latest edition of Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Powered by Ultra Key.

The award-winning program includes an effective, success-based teaching approach.

This powerful and motivational way to learn provides a clear path to learning a new skill by setting personal goals and progressing along guided road-maps.

There is a new game zone that makes building up your typing skills even more fun.

So whether you are building a business from home, looking for an office job or need to do a lot of typing in one form or another, by taking the time to learn to type fast (touch type), you will be far more equipped to meet your professional goals.

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