Is Job Quitter Club A Scam?

is job quitter club a scam

In this article I am going to take a look at the question often asked ‘is Job Quitter Club a scam?’ I received an email a little while back about Job Quitter Club and how it would help me in my affiliate marketing business, and this is what my research revealed.

What Is Job Quitter Club?

is job quitter club a scam

The Job Quitter Club is a program that promises you a passive earning opportunity.

It is meant to help you “make money ethically using other people’s efforts without needing to talk to them or having to know them.”

Is Job Quitters Club a scam if they claim that you can make anywhere between $100 and $500 a day with less than 30 minutes of work in only one month?

When I read the less than 30 minutes a day part, I started to doubt the program, as I know that in order to build a sustainable affiliate marketing business, you need to do it long term for hours each day.

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job quitter clubI see that the company is owned by Richard Harper and he promises that by watching the video about what he is offering he will pay you. Why would he do this if he is trying to sell you a program? As far as I can tell, nobody to date has been paid by watching the presentation video.

So Who Is Richard Harper?

Sadly I wasn’t able to find out, as he doesn’t seem to exist. The photo that he has used of himself is one that he got off of Shutter Stock of some random family.

So if Job Quitter Club works so well, then why doesn’t the creator of this program just give us his real name?

How Much Does Job Quitter Club Cost?

It actually seems quite reasonable at only $47 one time, but beware there are more upsells to come.

Pros and Cons


If you buy the product on Clickbank, they do offer a 60-day money-back guarantee thankfully.

He does supply some information on how to do affiliate marketing, but unfortunately, the information is outdated and can be found by simply doing a Google Search.


The sales page is hyped up with loads of impossible promises.

There are upsells.

The content you get is basically some outdated PLR product as far as I can tell.

I get the feeling that this program won’t be around much longer, or it will reopen as something else in the near future.

So, What Do You Get For Your $47?

You get access to a website with very generic and shallow training on how to do affiliate marketing. This information is available by doing a quick search on Google and watching a few YouTube videos for free.

Now, I do affiliate marketing and have great success with this, but I am not doing it the outdated way portrayed on Job Quitter Club.

In fact, you will learn more by grabbing a free membership here.

Is Job Quitter Club A Scam?

is job quitter club a scamAccording to Wikipedia, a get-rich-quick scheme is a product or program that:

“Creates the impression that participants can obtain this high rate of return with little risk, and with little skill, effort, or time.”

These are the reasons that I think Job Quitter Club is a scam:

  • Richard Harper doesn’t exist which is a big scam sign.
  • There are false promises of money you will get if you watch the video to the end. To me, this doesn’t even make sense because why would they give you money then ask you to pay for a subscription?
  • They create false scarcity by claiming that the system is only open to the first 100 (then 6) students.
  • Although they do not clarify how the system works, apparently you can make money by only spending a few minutes on the system; you don’t need any qualifications, apply any effort, or undergo training. That to me sounds like a get-rich-quick scheme.
  • The testimonials could be fake as they sound very generic and rehearsed.
  • The previous version of this “system” was shut down and the domain (thejobquitter.com) put up for sale.

My Final Verdict

Unfortunately, you will be waiting for a really long time to quit your job with this program in your arsenal. In fact, I can’t see how you are actually going to make anything using this program.

Sadly Job Quitter Club looks like another one of those spammy type products that make ridiculous claims that I know just aren’t realistic.

It takes much more than investing a few minutes daily to make money. For any online business to be sustainable it takes commitment and hard work, and 5 minutes just ain’t gonna cut it.

If it were so easy, why isn’t everyone doing it?

So personally, I recommend you stay away from Job Quitters Club as there are many more resources out there that will work way better for you than some cheaply thrown together product.

My top advice to you is if you see anything advertising methods on how to get rich overnight, stay away. There is no such thing that exists anywhere online at the moment, otherwise, believe me, you would know about it as everyone would be doing it.

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