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sfi affiliate centre

sfi affiliate centreI am a member of SFI Affiliate Centre and have been for a number of years. Although I am not actively involved anymore, I like to log in now and then and see what changes they have made and how they are evolving over time.

If you are wondering whether or not you should join SFI Home Business yourself or whether or not SFI is a legitimate company, then I have all the answers for you below.

What Is SFI Affiliate Centre?

SFI Affiliate Centre is an online business opportunity in the form of an affiliate program. It also resembles an MLM in the way that in order to be successful long term, you need to recruit people into your team.

SFI stands for Strong Future International and the company is legitimate and is not only online as it has buildings it occupies in Lincoln, Nebraska in the United States.

SFI Affiliate Centre was launched in 1998 by Jerry Carson.

Now for the real question – can I make money with SFI Affiliate Centre?

How Can You Make Money With SFI Affiliate Centre?

You basically make money with SFI Affiliate Centre by referring others (best way) or selling products from their e-commerce store Triple Clicks.

Personally, even though I have been a member for years, I haven’t made a lot of money here, but it was one of the first companies that I joined when I started looking at doing affiliate marketing, and the training they give you is a great foundation for anybody wanting to learn more about making money online.

Many people on SFI are doing really well, but you need to treat this as your main business and work hard at it before you see returns. The type of people that do do weell on SFI are those that have good leadership skills and perseverance. You will need to be good at motivating a team and helping them to succeed by hopefully following what you are doing.

It is quite a learning curve when you first join SFI, but once you have gone through the training you will understand the platform a little better.

There are various ways in which you can make money on SFI Affiliate Centre:

Direct Commissions

Anything your referrals buy or anything customers you refer to the Triple Clicks store buy earn you direct commissions.

Doing Tasks

Every day you can log into your SFI Affiliate Centre and complete tasks for Versapoints. The more Versapoints you earn, the higher your commission percentage.

Pay Per Action

This is an extra income you can earn by getting people other than your downline to fill out forms. This is the least most popular way of earning on SFI.

Why I Wasn’t Successful

Unfortunately, you do need to work on building a team in order to get sales, and I found my team was more interested in building a team for themselves than buying anything. So it is basically a luke-warm market that you are trying to sell to the whole time.

I also found most of the products didn’t really peak my interest, although now I see they have a lot more to choose from.

Buying certain products yourself also earns you points and higher commissions if your referrals do buy.

If you want to become a good leader within the community, then you will need to inspire your team to follow in your footsteps. It does take a lot of work and time to get a good team behind you as in any MLM company, and you need to rely on those people in order to earn your commissions.

Best Points On SFI Affiliate Centre

  • Free To Join.
  • Great Training and Useful tips.
  • Active Forum to help you with a large community.
  • Lots of different products to market. I think the last time I looked it was over 90 000.
  • No purchases are necessary from yourself unless you want to up your own points.
  • Worldwide in over 190 countries. You can also work from anywhere in the world.
  • Orders, payments and shipping is taken care of by SFI and not by you.
  • Earn and learn at your own pace.
  • SFI is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Worst Points On SFI Affiliate Centre

  • Too much information at once when joining – information overload.
  • They are banned on many of the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, so you can’t advertise there.
  • Rather confusing marketing plan, in fact, I still find it confusing.
  • You have to rely too much on a downline. I prefer to work for myself and not have to rely on anyone else to earn my income.
  • The commissions are not as high as some of the other affiliate sites one can join.

Over the years I have evolved and found a better way to earn money online that involves building my own online business. This makes a lot more sense to me as it is much more sustainable long term, and I have nobody to rely on besides myself.

I have stayed within the Affiliate Marketing Model, but sell for various companies and I don’t have to do any recruiting of others for this business.

If you would like to find out more about how to build your own long term business, you can read more by clicking here.

Best of all this won’t cost you a cent to get started.






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