How To Think Like A Champion- It’s How A Child Thinks

how to think like a child

How A Child Thinks

I was watching my three-year-old niece yesterday trying to skip with a rope that was miles too long for her.  She refused my offer to make it shorter for her and just kept trying unsuccessfully to skip like she sees her friends at school do.  This carried on for about an hour. So it just proved to me that how a child thinks is how to think like a champion.

how to think like a championThe night before that I caught her practising to walk in a pair of my old high heeled shoes that I even battle in, and she persisted walking slowly up and down the passage for a half hour.

Today she is back with the rope.  Why do children have that innate ability to keep trying at things they can’t do until they succeed?

What happens to this wonderful trait as they grow older?

Only a select few of us seem to hang onto that desire to succeed at all costs and this is exactly how a child thinks.

Most of the successful people that you meet today have failed many times before they have gotten to where they are now.

The majority of people are stuck in dead-end jobs that they hate and don’t seem to have the motivation or power to move out of that environment and make a better life for themselves.

If only we could have as much determination in ourselves to keep on trying something that is failing as a child does. To think like a child must be a magical gift to have.

That is the problem today.  Most people try something for a little while, and if it fails to work after a month or so, they then move onto something else.  The only way to be successful is to persevere with one project until you have it nailed, before moving onto the next one.

I think nowadays people get bored too quickly. Even marriages are too much effort to try and save.  Within the fast-paced and ever-changing world around us, we find it difficult to stick to one thing until we get the results that we set out to get in the beginning.

The same thing goes for starting an online business.  It takes months to get up enough momentum on the internet to get noticed, but most people want to make a quick buck and if they don’t see results after a month, move onto something else.  They are the ones that tell you that internet marketing doesn’t work.

Don’t let their negativity motivate you. You find your niche out there and you keep moving forward, no matter what it takes.

Believe in yourself, and the only way that you can fail is if you give up. Success is yours if you are willing to work at it.

As we grow from child to adult we seem to loose other valuable traits as well. Sometimes it is better to hold onto some of these traits even well into old age.

Here are some of the things we don’t have to say goodbye to:

  • Imagination and Creativity
  • Limiting ourselves
  • Not taking life too seriously
  • Social interactions
  • Inhibitions

How To Think Like A Championhow to think like a champion

Imagination And Creativity

Kids, as you probably already know, are endlessly creative. When kids are playing, they can turn a box into a castle or a mansion, and a simple stick into a magic wand. This is all done with the power of imagination.

When you’re young, your imagination is unrestrained by rules. It’s unbound and free to go anywhere. Unfortunately, his all changes by the time you become an adult.

Try to challenge yourself from time to time to think like an 8-year-old would and you will find that inner creativity again.

Don’t Limit Yourself

As adults, we tend to limit ourselves. If as children we thought that we could be presidents or astronauts one day, then why does it change when we grow up.

Somewhere along the way, we stopped believing. You stopped thinking things were possible and instead assumed things couldn’t be done.

Believing in yourself is important. If you want to reach your wildest dreams, you need to have faith that you can actually accomplish them.

Change your mindset as adults to think it’s possible, rather than it’s impossible.

Don’t Take Life So Seriously

What happened to those carefree childhood years. When we grow up we have to think about the future and have to start worrying about paying bills and have the stress of a job.

Thinking like a child again is a great way to unwind from the present responsibilities of life. When you can tap into your inner child, you can fill your life with care-free fun again without worry or concern.

Eventually, you’ll have to get back to being an adult again, but taking some time to be childlike can give you some much-needed fun and relief.

Have More Social Interactions

Children use play as a way of making new friends. Once we grow up we become more reserved and it is more difficult to make friends.

Many workplaces have already learned the importance of play for productive work relationships. Some encourage art and yoga classes or provide team games such as ping pong or even board games.

By playing together, adults are building bonds that make work a lot more productive. Not only that, but it leads to higher job satisfaction and morale.

The same goes for our other relationships. Through fun and regular play, we can learn to trust and get to know one another better.

Lose Those Inhibitions

Have you ever watched a child sing or dance in public? They don’t seem to care who is watching or what others think about them. They are enormously uninhibited, but unfortunately, as we age we erect barriers and constrict ourselves to certain behaviours. We also tend to worry a lot more about what others think of us.

These inhibitions put barriers up and we feel restricted and we can’t be what we want to be.

Scientists recently discovered that when jazz musicians improvise, they turn off an area of their brains linked to self-censorship and inhibition. In other words, to make better music, they turn off the inhibitions of their mind by thinking like children.

Success and financial freedom are out there for everyone to grab, but you must be willing to work for it and learn how to think like a champion or should I say how a child thinks.

In conclusion, only you change your mindset and your attitude towards life.

Picture how you would like your life to be and take positive steps to achieve your goals step by step.  A positive attitude and a healthy appetite for life never hurt, so go for it and remember to find that inner child.

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