How To Become A Positive Thinker And Change Your Life Around

how to become a positive thinker

Here are six steps of action which may help you find the best route to how to become a positive thinker.

We often hear the saying “look on the bright side,” or “stay positive,” but it is easier said than done, especially if your life is not going according to plan.

The same people who say these things unfortunately never seem to have answers on just how to do this.

How To Become A Positive Thinker

We have probably all heard the benefits of positive thinking, and know that it is something that we should all attain to, but it does take some work and a bit of effort on your part to achieve this.

Here are some great ways to start.

Become Aware Of Any Negative Thoughts

This is all about practising mindfulness. how to become a positive thinker

Mindfulness is the art of paying attention to your own breath and to your thoughts.

Mindful breathing is often used in order to control stress levels, but using mindful thinking can also lead to a more positive life. We often take our thoughts for granted, but they can make a huge difference as they innocently float through our minds.

If you start to pay more attention to your thoughts as they come throughout the day, it will be easier to shake off the negative ones and start to focus more on the positive ones.

Introduce More Positive Thoughts

Try to purposely introduce thoughts that make ourselves feel better. Next time you have a negative thought, replace it in your subconscious with a positive thought from your conscious mind. This is a really valuable tool to work on.

You will obviously need to keep your positive thoughts practical for them to work. There is a difference between ignoring the negative thoughts and thinking positive. ignoring them won’t work if you are working towards how to become a positive thinker. Thinking positive is about turning those negative thoughts into positive ones and making the best out of the worst that life gives us.

Practise Being Grateful

An old Jewish saying recommends that we “bless one thousand things every day.” The bless here means be grateful for. Although it is literally impossible to literally be grateful for a thousand things each day, its a really good idea.

Simply look for things in our daily lives and be grateful for it. Acknowledging the things that you are grateful for each and every day will actually help you to hardwire your brain to notice positive things more quickly.

If you have your health, for instance, that is something to be intensely grateful for.

So stop feeling sorry for yourself and see just how much you actually have that many others do not. You may be pleasantly surprised how well this one works, and you will notice that you are a lot better off than many others in this world.

Practising to be grateful will ensure you lead a full and happy life.

Avoid Negative People Like The Plague

I am serious. Sometimes it is unavoidable as you could have one that you live with, but it is very difficult to be positive when you are surrounded by negative people.

Negative people are those that practice negativity as well as those that bring out the worst in us.

You don’t need to remove these people forever, but it is especially important to try to avoid them while you are starting out on your journey on how to become a positive thinker.

Imagine you had to quit smoking. You would find it hard to be around smokers for the first while, but after a few weeks, they are ok to be around again as your resolve has been built up and you are stronger.

It’s the same with negative thinkers.  Try to stay away from them until you find you are mastering the skill of positive thinking, and then they won’t affect you so much anymore.

View Challenges As Opportunities

Try looking at challenges in your life and even setbacks as opportunities to go in a new direction and learn from your mistakes.

If we have worked hard on a project and things don’t go your way, you feel like the work was for nothing, but remember that any achievements are a result of hard work and that includes learning from our mistakes and projects that didn’t work.

Remember what you think is your best is merely a stepping stone to what lies ahead.

Spend Time In “Input Mode”

Most of our lives we are either in “input” mode or “output” mode.how to become a positive thinker

“Input” mode is when we are doing things for ourselves, for instance reading books, exercising or doing some art.

“Output” mode is when we are at work or doing things for our family and friends.

Remember that we can develop negative thoughts when we spend too much time in output mode and we can become more positive people by spending more time in input mode.



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