Health and Fitness Tips For Entrepreneurs

health and fitness tips

Let’s look at some health and fitness tips that entrepreneurs can use to improve their overall health. There is nothing more important than keeping our health in check as without it we are useless. In fact, you won’t fully appreciate your health until you have been really sick.

Health and Fitness Tips

health and fitness tipsThere’s no better place to start on self-improvement than with your health.

After all, health is one of the most important aspects of life. Taking care of your health should be your first priority.

Here are some health and fitness tips to get you motivated.

Eat Breakfast

Start your day off right with a quick healthy breakfast. Fruit and yogurt, granola and milk, oats, boiled or poached eggs or whole-wheat toast and peanut butter will ensure you start your day off on the right foot.

Relaxation Techniques

These are best done first thing in the morning, so get up a couple of minutes earlier so that you can savor that extra time with yourself.

Enjoy a cup of coffee while watching the sun rise; do some breathing exercises; take a few extra minutes to yourself in the shower; or go for a quick brisk walk around the block to get your heart pumping or even try some mediation.

There’s nothing worse than starting off your day in a rush. A few minutes in the morning can make a world of difference.

Hide The Scale

Hide (or throw away) the scale. A scale is the only ingredient you need for a recipe for disaster when it comes to self-improvement.

Hide it. Throw it away and don’t think about it. You have more important things to worry about than your weight. If you feel great on the inside, then it will show on the outside, regardless of what that darned scale says.

If you must weigh yourself no more than once a week at the same time.

30 Minutes Of Exercise Each Day

Aim for about 30 minutes of exercise each day. This is recommended by health professionals.

This includes simple changes to your lifestyle like incorporating a walk into your evening activities, taking the stairs instead of the elevator and riding your bike to work once in a while.

Exercise With A Friend

tips for health

Exercise releases endorphins, which can lift your spirit as well as help you maintain a healthy weight.

However, sometimes it can be hard to get out of bed and actually hit the gym.

Getting an exercise group going can make exercise much more fun. Working out with a friend, whether this is a morning stroll, a spin class, an evening run or anything else helps.

An exercise buddy will motivate you to get out there and exercise.

Drink Water

Don’t just drink water, enjoy water- tap water is even fine, in most instances, but pure water makes a big difference.

It’s important to drink 2 liters of water each day; however, this shouldn’t seem like a chore. Add some ice cubes, cordial and enjoy water through a fun straw to make it more indulgent. Water doesn’t have to be just water.


Pop a vitamin a day and you will be amazed what one little pill can do for your health. Here is an example of an excellent multi-vitamin that you can purchase online.

Dr. Tobias Adult Multivitamin – Enhanced Bioavailability – With Whole Foods, Herbs, Minerals, and Enzymes – Non-GMO

These multi-vitamins are made with non-GMO whole foods. They are formulated with potent antioxidants from 42 non-GMO fruits and vegetables.

  • PLANT-BASED ENZYMES & PROBIOTICS: With plant-based enzymes and probiotics to support smooth digestion.
  • DECREASE STRESS: Replenishes your body’s reservoir with an assortment of C and B-vitamins when stress has worked them down.
  • MULTI-SYSTEM SUPPORT FOR OPTIMAL HEALTH: Supports heart health, bones, and four systems: immune system, digestive system, hormone system, and nervous system.
  • THIRD-PARTY TESTED FACILITY: For product purity, effectiveness, ingredient safety, nutritional value, and label accuracy. The highest standard guaranteed

Multivitamins can give your body the nourishment it is lacking. We can’t eat perfectly balanced and healthy all the time, which is why vitamins were created.

Quit Smoking

Quitting is hard but not quitting is even harder.

If you are a smoker, start small and get the help you need. Limiting your cigarette intake is the first step to a healthier you and an improved lifestyle. In any case, it is unfashionable and anti-social to smoke.


Stretching can keep your muscles feeling relaxed and also helps to relieve stress. As you get older you stiffen up so it’s very important to stretch to keep your body mobile.

The more flexible you keep yourself, the better you will age and the more you will be able to do in your old age, as your range of motion will be greatly increased.

Stretching is one of those very important health and fitness tips that I cannot stress enough.

Follow The Food Guide

Health professionals made the daily food guide for a reason. Try to get at least 2 servings of fruit, five servings of veggies, as well as enough dairy and protein each day.

Reward Yourself tips for health improvement

A weekly treat is a good idea for all your hard work to remain healthy.

Treat yourself to something you love like low-fat ice cream or chocolate, or even a massage or facial.

Remember that on the path to self-improvement, there is always time to stop and eat dessert.

Accept The Aging Process

Many people have trouble coming to terms with their body’s changes as they age.

It’s important to understand that aging is a natural process. Learn to love your wrinkles, your grey hair, and your less-than-tight skin.

George Clooney, Harrison Ford, Demi Moore, Sharon Stone, and Brad Pitt are all over 40, and they have never looked better! Here are some aging misconceptions to go through.

Health and fitness tips are more important to follow the older you get.

Limit Your Alcohol Intake

Having a glass of wine with dinner is fine. However, when you are drinking a bottle of wine a night, or, even worse, binge drinking, then you are causing serious damage to your body.

If you are going to drink, drink responsibly. Make sure you have a designated driver or cab ride and drink plenty of water throughout the night.

Don’t Neglect Your Teeth

Make it a habit to brush, floss and use sugar-free, alcohol-free mouthwash daily. Make a trip to the dentist once a year too.

No one likes going to the dentist- but no one wants to lose his or her teeth either.


Remaining healthy is not just about go, go, go. You also need to stop, relax and de-stress. Stress is unavoidable at some times.

The best way to deal with stress is to push away from it for a few minutes, let your body relax, and then tackle it head on.

Invest In Sleep

You don’t need us to tell you how important sleep is. This could be one of the most important health and fitness tips I have for you.

It’s a great idea to reward yourself at night with expensive sheets, a perfectly firm mattress, and cozy down covers.

Your bed is your battery recharger. Make sure it’s in tip-top condition.

This luxury bed base on the right is available from Amazon and is a real spoil for the bedroom.

Get Creative With Food

Variety is the spice of life, and this couldn’t be truer than in the kitchen.

Share recipes with friends, check online cooking forums and have fun with your food. You can still eat a healthy (and affordable) diet that doesn’t just consist of brown rice, grilled chicken and salad. Spice it up a bit!

Take Off When You Get Sick

If you get sick, then be sick. Too many people attempt to work through their illness. Stop it. If you are sick, then stay in bed.

Getting sick is your body’s way of telling you that you are working too hard. You will feel better faster if you just accept the illness and take a break. Plus, you will not be contaminating those around you. So grab some ginger ale, Kleenex and the DVD player and let your body heal!

Please feel free to comment if you have any other health and fitness tips to add.



Michel Maling


  1. I absolutely love this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and intriguing to me.

    You did an excellent job of providing education and resources. The article was well written and easy to understand. Our health is very important and we shouldn’t trade it for anything or take it for granted.

    A quote says prevention is better than cure.

    Thanks for highlighting these health and fitness tips. They are well appreciated 

    • Thanks for the comment, Ola. I am glad you enjoyed the read and I hope it inspired you to keep looking after your health.

  2. I read through your article and what really clicked for me is working out with a friend. I think that can be a great start for the day and also boost up our energy for the day. You have also listed more other important tips to start our day and I’m definitely going to follow up on those.

    Thank you so much for this insightful and a useful post.

    • Anytime Sujandar, now the next thing is to find a friend who can also motivate you, or you can motivate each other.

  3. Hi Michel, there is an adage that says health first. Being healthy and fit is very important as it enables one to be alert and focused in doing his/her day to day business. Your tips for staying fit and healthy are great. Exercising and making out time for relaxation plays vital role towards how healthy we are. Thanks for a well researched article on Health and Fitness tips for Entrepreneurs.

  4. Hi Michel Maling,

    After reading your article, I have no doubt that these are very important tips for maintaining health and fitness for everyone. 

    Though the title represents it is only for entrepreneurs I believe it will be helpful for everyone who is really unaware of their health and fitness issues. I am honest to say that I also sometimes do not care about this issue while I am busy with other works. I am going to share these tips with my bulky friends and family members. Thanks for sharing these tips.

    • Yes, these health and fitness tips apply to everyone, but I aimed it at entrepreneurs as they can sometimes get so busy that they neglect their health terribly.

  5. Nice article there on tips for health and fitness. This is such an informative and educative article on our health as a human being all the tips in the article are necessary in order to be fit and healthy 

    I do have 2 hours daily of exercise in the morning which I started at the beginning of this year and since started performing exercise every morning I feel alot more different and positive. I know many will find the tips in this article useful in their daily life. Because good health prolongs life.

    • Well done on finding the time to get two hours of exercise in. I barely manage an hour four times a week. Exercise definitely boosts your mood and makes you feel great for the rest of the day, provided you don’t overdo it.

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