Free Online Affiliate Marketing Programs You Will Love

free affiliate marketing programs

If you are venturing into the exciting world of Affiliate Marketing and are wondering what good free online affiliate marketing programs you can join or partner with to expand your business, I have some of the best ones listed below.

Free Online Affiliate Marketing Programs

Most affiliate marketing programs are free to join. They are obviously trying to attract marketers to promote their products, so it is in their best interest to let you come on board free of charge.

However, some of them do have stipulations, like having to sell something within a certain time frame or having to sell a certain amount each month. Either way, you should find some great affiliate marketing programs to join with no problems and here I have listed some of my favorites.

Just remember that you should never have to pay anything to become an affiliate and promote other people’s products.

If you find that there is a joining fee or a monthly fee or even a certain quota of products that you need to sell every month, then you could be joining a network marketing company rather than an affiliate program.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy affiliate is my favorite online affiliate marketing program, as it not only teaches you how to sell online but also provides your hosting, domain names, community support and of course the lastest in ongoing training.

free online affiliate marketing programs

If you are a free member and want to promote Wealthy Affiliate, you will earn $11.25 recurring per referral per month.

If you are a paid member you will earn $23.50 recurring per referral per month.

You will also earn commissions on any domains that your referrals purchase as well as Jaaxy keyword memberships.

There are thousands of happy members on this platform, so this tells you that most people who join stay for a long time, which means long term commissions for you.

You can read more about what Wealthy Affiliate is all about here.

Otherwise, you can click here to try a free membership.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is probably the best known online affiliate marketing program on the planet.

free online affiliate marketing programs

Amazon pays you for each customer that you refer to their online platform who makes a purchase. The commissions are not high (3 to 10%) but it is easy to sell products there because once customers visit, they normally end up buying something, even if it isn’t the product that you referred them to.

Amazon sells anything and everything that you can imagine, so whatever your niche, you will find related products at Amazon.

Once you sign on as an Amazon Associate, you have ninety days in which to make your first sale, or you will lose your affiliate membership and have to reapply.


ClickBank has a huge array of online products that your customers can download. The commissions are about 50%, and this is because all the products are digital and there are no shipping costs.

ClickBank is great, but beware as they do have a lot of hyped up products that are not worth promoting, so do your research properly before you decide which products are worth your time, effort and reputation.


Grammarly is the world’s leading software suite for perfecting written English. It checks for more than 250 types of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, enhances vocabulary usage, and suggests citations.

Earn a generous bounty for every new customer.

Marketers can earn up to $0.20 for each free referral.

If your referral upgrades his or her account you will earn $20 per premium account upgrade.

They have high conversion rates and a free one-month upgrade to a premium subscription for all new affiliates.

Generate $ 8000 a month in sales and receive an $ 800 bonus.

Program Highlights• Earn up to $0.20 per FREE registration (no payment info required!)• Receive up to $20 per premium.

You will need to join this program through Shareasale.

Checks Unlimited

Checks Unlimited started in 1986 as the first major direct mail check printer.

It is now America’s leading direct-to-customer check provider, offering checks at savings of as much as 50% when compared to typical bank prices!

affiliate marketing programs

They have a complete line of personal and business check facilities to accommodate your personal style.

The checks can include licensed designs like Harley-Davidson®, Disney, Warner Bros., and Thomas Kinkade.

You will also need to join this program through Shareasale.

The program converts well and you will get 20 % commission per sale that you generate.


Jaaxy is one of the best keyword research tools in the industry. You can read more about Jaaxy here.

free online affiliate marketing programs


Jane.com is an online boutique that you also join through Shareasale.

affiliate marketing

The commissions you will receive here are 10% per sale, and as you can see from the screenshot above, the clothing is both affordable and of good quality, which is probably why this online store does so well.

Mix Book

Mixbook.com is another one of those well-converting free online affiliate marketing programs that you can try. They are another site that you need to apply to through Shareasale.

The commissions are 12% per sale and it is the craft lovers and stationery site not to be missed.


Commission Junction

This platform is similar to Shareasale and there are many different products to promote on this platform with varying commissions offered to affiliates.

You can visit the Commission Junction by clicking here.

best affiliate programs

The above free online affiliate marketing platforms are all well known and reputable companies, who pay their affiliates.

Beware before joining up with one of the lesser known affiliate marketing platforms. There are thousands.

Do your research and check if they pay their affiliates on time or at all and also how their products convert.

Whatever niche you are in, you will be able to find an affiliiate program to partner up with.

Simply Google your niche followed by the affiliate program and see what an array of products come up that you can promote to your hearts content.

Please comment below if you have any other great affiliate programs to recommend.

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