Using Creative Thinking In Problem Solving

creative thinking in problem solving

Let’s take a look at how using creative thinking in problem solving can help you in your business. As entrepreneurs, you have to learn to think out of the box, and as you are working on your own most of the time, this isn’t always easy, so let’s look at how creative thinking can help you.

Creativity is one of the most underrated yet incredible traits that a person can possess. This is one of the few talents that, while it can always be improved upon to some extent, appears to be inherent in some individuals while absent entirely within most others.

creative thinking in problem solving

Many of the most successful people throughout the course of history have risen the ranks in their respective fields due to a knack for going outside of the box and using creative thinking in problem solving or to solve an issue.

In much the same way that creativity avoids using one approach to solve an issue, the way in which this trait manifests itself in people is equally as diverse. We are all familiar with forms of creativity that result in well-known pieces of music or works of art.

Make no mistake, however, just because they may lack the generational beauty of a treasured sculpture, some of the inner workings of the most life-changing technology available today was born in the brain of a creative individual.

Fortunately for those of us lacking Michelangelo-like artistic creativity, creative thinking is a form of this inherent trait that is actually attainable through effort. The purpose of this discussion will be to outline a few ways to utilize creative thinking in your own life in an attempt to solve perplexing issues that you may have.

Using Creative Thinking In Problem Solving

Different Outcomes Require Different Methods

While we often fail to realize it, many of us spend an enormous amount of time making the exact same mistake over and over again.

This leads to anger and frustration to the point that a lot of people give up on something altogether. However, when we really stop and think about whatever this mistake is in our own lives, the issue is that we are usually taking the same path every single time.

If you want to resolve a problem that has seemingly stumped you over and over again, you had better stop trying to conquer it the same way. The truth is, it is better to fail, but fail differently than continue to repeat a perpetual cycle. If you want something you have never had, you have got to do something you have never done before or do it differently.

There Is No Cookie Cutter Solution

Although the majority of the people in your life will tell you otherwise, there are very, very few things in life that can only be done in one way. All too often, we get into the habit of using the same method to address the same obstacle.

creative thinking in problem solvingWhen using this logic on something simple, such as opening a jar, the process is usually successful time and time again. However, when faced with more challenging issues that other people have unsuccessfully attempted to tackle, it is important to avoid taking the general opinion as the only way to get the task at hand completed.

There will be times in your life where a new problem will require you to come up with a novel or unique solution.

When those around you are all using the same tools and consistently failing, the same tool will probably not work for you either. Try something different. Think of a new approach, and even better, think outside the box.

Exercise Helps

Believe it or not, exercise helps you to think more creatively. This quote was found in an article in Psychology Today:

“Sweat is like WD-40 for your mind–it lubricates the rusty hinges of your brain and makes your thinking more fluid. Exercise allows your conscious mind to access fresh ideas that are buried in the subconscious.”

Using Colors

The colors blue and green help to stimulate creative thinking. Red helps you focus. So if you want to think strategically think of surrounding yourself with blues and greens. Being outdoors in nature will be the most natural setting for this to happen.

Be Confident Enough In Yourself To Do Something Abnormal

You can have all the creative thinking ability in the world, but if you are too scared to act on any of your ideas for fear of standing out from the crowd, it won’t do you a whole lot of good in the long run.

The fear of being criticized by other people has clipped the wings of many incredible ideas before they could even take flight.

Human nature tells us to avoid things that are different and new, creative thinking is a prime example, unfortunately.

Use Ambient Noise Levels To Trigger Creativity

I actually thought silence might turn out to be the best sound for creative thinking, but it turns out that ambient noise levels are just right to trigger creative thinking in problem solving.

Ambient noise is background noise such as birds, traffic, rain, crickets, etc. Total silence is best for strategic thinking or to sharpen your focus, but for creative thinking, it is best to have some noise in the background.

There are actually apps with ambient noise levels that you can download to help with this if you do work in a silent office. Or go and sit in your local cafe and the background buzz will be perfect to get your brain thinking strategically.

Your Brain Will Be More Creative When You Are Tired

In the morning your brain is focused and clear and this is when you get most of your important tasks done. In the evenings when your brain is tired and starts to wonder, this is actually the best time to get some creative thinking done.

This is because at this time of the day your mind tends to wander off on a tangent, and this is when your creative ideas start emerging. Try using this gap for your creative thinking in problem solving. You may be surprised at what comes to you.

Be Messy!

There are some studies saying that having a messy desk will promote creative thinking, and this is something I still need to try and prove for myself. Perhaps the answer to this dilemma is to have two different spaces to work. One tidy one for more organized thinking and another messy one for all your creative thinking in problem solving.

creative thinking in problem solving

So try different methods to stimulate your creative thinking in problem solving and you may surprise yourself at just how much you can achieve.

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