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kids and chores

kids and choresA lot of people underestimate just how important a chore list for kids is.  A chore chart for kids is also a great idea to implement a chore list for kids, and I have a great one to show you below.

Kids should, from an early age, all have their responsibilities around the house. This is essential so that they can learn work ethic and life skills for the future.

Research indicates that children who do have a set of chores have higher self-esteem, are more responsible, and are better able to deal with frustration and delay gratification, all of which contribute to greater success in school.

Do you know which chores your child can or should do?  It is important for your children to learn to do chores, as it teaches them what they are capable of doing and prepares them for the real world.

Insisting that chores be completed can feel like a never-ending battle, and sometimes it is easier to just do it yourself.

It is worth it to persevere with the nagging because, in the long run, everyone will benefit. Here are some of the reasons that parents may feel reluctant to put a chore list for kids into place.

  • Parents may be reluctant to engage in continuous struggles and fights as they feel they may damage their relationship with their child.
  • They sometimes feel guilty asking their child to do a chore as they have so many other demands on them from school and extra activities, and they don’t want to add to the load.
  • Parents don’t actually realize, that although their child is young, it is amazing how capable they actually are.

This chore chart for kids that you can purchase online may help to put everything in a little more perspective for you, especially when trying to organize chores for more than one child.

Chore Chart For Kids

NEATLINGS Chore System – Chore Chart for Kids | 80+ Chores for Toddlers to Teens | Customize for 1-3 Kids | Size 25”x18” | Teal Household Chore Cards/Dark Blue, Red, Yellow Self-Care Chore Cards

  • This chore chart is fully customizable for one to three children and is great to implement your chore list for kids.
  • Unlike other charts, this system can be set up differently for each child and will grow with your children.
  • Complete with over 80+ self-care and household chores – works for any age; includes simple chores for toddlers and more complicated chores for teens.
  • This chore chart can be configured and reconfigured in a multitude of ways. Have more than 3 kids? Simply connect another NEATLINGS system to expand – it’s modular which is a great way to organize your chore list for kids!
  • This system lets you assign certain jobs as unrewarded and others as rewarded. You can set different reward values for different jobs.
  • The fun artwork makes it easy for both readers and beginner readers.
  • The chart includes 3 decks of 34 self-care chores with 21 coordinating reward tickets. These are chores that each child needs to complete – such as make bed or practice their instrument. The chart also includes one shared Teal deck of 54 household chore cards. These are chores that typically only need to be done once, such as take out trash or feed the pet. The color-coded cards allow parents’, at a glance, to see which child has done what and what still needs to be completed.
  • The chart is also designed to teach responsibility, life skills, and will help boost a child’s confidence. Color-coded cards ensure that a child’s earned reward cards can be safely stored in the chart itself without concern of a sibling “borrowing” another’s earned reward tickets.
  • Easy enough to use for toddlers yet advanced enough to use for teens.
  • ✓ INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED – This chore chart is lightweight and hangs easily with the included hanging strips.
  • Included also is an erasable pen – write, erase & rewrite! No magnets to lose or dry erase board to smudge! Cards are standard playing card size of 2.5”x3”.
  • The system comes with 4 connectable pocket chart panels, each panel is approx. 12.5”x9”. The standard set up of 2 panels down and 2 panels across creates a chart, as shown in the main product image, approx. 25”x18”.

Cultivate contributing, confident, can-do kids! Click on the link above to find out more about this great chore chart for kids.

Here is a chore list for kids which is age -appropriate.

By no means should the child do all of the chores listed below every day.  You will need to adjust the list according to your children’s skills and talents.  But your child should be doing some or all of these chores on a weekly basis at least.

Chore List for Kids

Children Aged 2 – 3 years:

At this age, kids can assist in making their beds and pick up their toys after they are finished playing with them.

They can take their dirty laundry to the laundry basket.

They can help their parents clean up spills and dirt.

They can also try filling up a pet’s water and food bowl with supervision.

Children Aged 4 – 5 years:

At this stage, they should be able to get dressed with minimal parental help.

They should be bringing their things from the car into the house.

They can help carry in groceries.

They can help to clear the table after dinner with supervision.

They can help to prepare some foods.

Let them match the socks after washing.

Answer the phone.

Be responsible for feeding a pet.

Hanging up towels after bath time.chore list for kids

Children Aged 6 – 7 years:

They should be able to make their bed and brush their teeth without being asked to.

They should be choosing their own clothes and brush their hair.

They can help to fold laundry and put their clothes away in their cupboards.

They can unpack a dishwasher.

They can help to prepare food.

Empty indoor rubbish bins.

Answer the phone.

Children Aged 7 – 8 yrs:

They should be taking care of their own personal hygiene.

They should be keeping their bedroom clean.

They should be responsible for their own homework.

They must be responsible for their own belongings.

They can write thank you notes for gifts.

Wake themselves up using an alarm clock.

Help to wash the family car.

Wash dishes.

Prepare a few easy meals on their own.

Rake up grass.

Learn how to use the washing machine, tumble dryer, and the dishwasher.

Put laundry away.

Take messages from the phone.

Children Aged 12 – 13 years

They should be taking care of their own personal hygiene, all their belongings, and their homework.

Do all their own writing of invitations and thank you notes.

Set their own alarm clock without being told to.

Change linen on bedding and keep their rooms tidy, including a spring clean once or twice a year.

Learn to change lightbulbs.

Help to keep the house tidy.

Do Dishes.

Mow the lawn.

Prepare the odd occasional family meal.

So, whether they’re making their beds or mopping the floors, helping out around the house helps children feel capable, confident and independent.

Doing chores, much as they may complain, also helps them feel like they’re part of the team. Pitching in and helping family members is good for them and it encourages them to be good citizens.

Please feel free to add to this chore list for kids if you feel I have left something out, by commenting below.

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  1. Age appropriate chores, in my opinion, are really great ways to good instill values in your children in addition to them contributing to the running of the home. I have had a really good response too when my child does not pack his toys away that it is locked in a box and he needs to perform a set chore to earn that toy back.

    Humans are tough and they need to be taught the value of things when they are children. If they are taught the value of hard work and working as a team to run a household then they often turn out to be better-rounded adults.


    • You have some great points, Richard. Great idea to make them do chores to earn a toy back if they fail to put it away as stipulated on their chore list.

  2. Indeed the best time to inculcate or build in a child skills and talents is right from when they are still very young. If they, the children, got it right at inception, parents can be rest assured that their ward would excel in life. 

    This article will open the eyes of parents to the positive effects chores being assigned to their children early. This can help them to prepare for the real world realities. Good work here. 

    • Yes the trick is starting young, and they are normally still very helpful when they are young, and get lazier as they get a bit older.

  3. A great post! I totally agree with you, Michel! I always ask my son to do some chores as he can. I think it is good for his development in all aspects. Your list is a comprehensive summary. I don’t have to think about what chores he can do, just need to follow your post!

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