A 12 Second Commute Review

a 12 second commute review

Update: On entering the site today, I see it is undergoing a revamp, so for now I would only advise you to join as a free member to check it out, as I couldn’t access any of the autoresponder features.

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I have been a member of 12 Second Commute for a number of years now, so I thought it would be a good thing to write a 12 Second Commute Review on this site.


Better still, the site has just been upgraded, so now Darryl Graham the owner says it will compete with all the best autoresponders out there at a fraction of the cost.

So here it is – My 12 Second Commute Review?

  1. 12 Second Commute is a comprehensive Autoresponder, Affiliate System, Various Marketing Tools as well as a Business Opportunity.It is owned and founded by Daryl Graham and managed by Wanda Rawlins.
  2. Darryl has been working online since 1999 and has put a lot of effort into the system tools on 12 Second Commute in order to make this system the only tools you will ever need for all your marketing needs.
  3. He puts in a lot of effort, and the site has evolved a lot since I first joined a few years ago.  He proves that he is hardworking and honest, as well as the fact that he cares about his members.
  4. Wanda Rawlins is also a seasoned marketer and is responsible for a lot of the improvements in the system.

This is what the 12 Second Commute includes:

  • A fully functional autoresponder system
  • Ad Tracker – manages all your advertising campaigns
  • Contact manager to allow you to stay in contact with your leads
  • URL Rotator for more effective advertising
  • Comprehensive affiliate tools
  • Training videos to teach you how to use the site
  • Internet marketing training videos
  • Access to E-Books related to internet marketing
  • Program builder to create your own affiliate marketing campaigns
  • SEO tools to improve the visibility of your website
  • Service and support from Darryl and Wanda when you need ita 12 second commute review

12 Second Commute Review Pricing as at the Beginning of 2016

As at the time of writing this 12 Second Commute Review, this is what is offered.

12 Second Commute offers a 100% Free Test Ride of the site for three days.

As at the time of writing this 12 Second Commute Review, this is what is offered.

Once the lifetime accounts are finished being offered, members will pay $7 per month for the first 4 months.

They then go onto $9 for the next 4 months.

Then the price will increase to $12 for the next 4 months.

This will allow people to get in and start building their lists and make a profit while learning how to build a list and use the system to its full advantage.

After a year, there are three account options available if you see that it is worthwhile and working for you. Either $19 per month or $29 or $39 per month, depending on what you need.

I am sure you will agree that you won’t find another autoresponder online that is as cost-effective as this one is.

12 Second Commute Pros

  • Overall, this is a system that really delivers on what it was designed for. There are a number of positives that were obvious immediately.
  • The 100% Free Account Review is made available for EVERYONE to test drive the system tools and training
  • There are no OTO, Nagging Upsells, or Annoying Advertisements (unlike other programs out there!)
  • You have the option to upgrade your account to become a full member for an “unbelievably” low cost.  I was lucky enough to purchase life membership a few years ago, so my monthly fees are waivered. I see they are offering lifetime membership again at the moment.
  • The Autoresponder Codes work flawlessly with WordPress.
  • Darryl or Wanda’s advice is straight to the point. No ‘beating around the bush’
  • The Support by Darryl and Wanda’s is superb. They have your future interest in mind!
  • There are loads of extra resources on the site, including an image library, CB Mall, and a bunch of interesting internet marketing ebooks.

12 Second Commute Cons

  • You need to have a PayPal account, as your earnings are paid into here, and your monthly fees will come off of here.
  • There is a learning curve, like any autoresponder, but I find this one a little more complicated to work than Aweber in some areas.
  • Conferences are always at an inconvenient time for me, like 2 am in the morning, but at least they are recorded.
  • The site looks a little old fashioned in comparison to some of the other autoresponders out there.
  • If you are promoting this as a business, the price keeps on changing.  At the moment they are offering lifetime memberships again, which isn’t good for your bottom line, as it is best if your signups pay monthly for a recurring income.  But the cost is still a lot cheaper than a lot of the other autoresponders out there.

Who Would Benefit from 12 Second Commute

If you are new to internet marketing, and you need to build a list, this is the perfect place to start.  The platform isn’t as advanced as some of the more prominent autoresponders, but it is a fraction of the cost, which suits me fine.  My second autoresponder was just costing me too much each month, so I canceled and decided to go back to using 12 Second Commute exclusively.

I hope you found my 12 Second Commute Review helpful.

12 Second Commute also works seamlessly with my primary online business, which you can read all about here.

If you are looking to building a sustainable long term business, then I would highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate. Read my review here.



Michel Maling


  1. Hi there! thanks for such a thorough review… this autoresponder looks great! I haven’t started building up a list, mainly because I still don’t have a decent amount of traffic to my site. It is very low! I think I will focus more on content for the moment and as soon as I see people are interested in my posts, I will give this 12 seconds Commute a go.

    It is good to see that we can try it for free and that they offer some training… this is really important. This product is definitely on my list.

    All the best

    • Thanks Stefan for your comment. Yes if you are list building through a website, rather wait until your traffic is consistent and good.

  2. Thanks for the review. I had never heard of this product before. My business is still in the early stages however this could potentially be something I could utilize in the future. Question – is the contact manager feature you mentioned similar to a CRM (client relationship manager)? I have experience with those.

  3. Hi there,

    I had just recently heard of A 12 Second Commute from a friend the other day so I decided to look up what it was all about. Your review lays everything out in a way that made it easy for me to understand. What I like about this program is that they actually do let you have a free test drive. This isn’t common place in the IM industry from what I am gathering. I also like that they have tools, business opportunities and a wordpress related auto responder. That is powerful indeed. Sounds like anyone new to the game should check them out.


  4. Thanks for offering this very comprehensive and heartfelt review on 12 second commute. It is nice to know that this is not just an autoresponder but also a business opportunity in affiliate marketing that users can promote to make money. I do wish to try them out. I am a little concerned by your comment that they are constantly changing prices. Does that mean as a marketer, you could be reporting something differently from what they are selling or do they communicate the price changes to affiliate marketers. Anyway, thanks for sharing, I find your website very informative and I will definitely come around often.

    • Since I have been a member – 5 years now the price has changed about 3 times. So if you promote the site your commissions are sometimes affected.

      Thanks for your comment.

  5. Wow, Michel, thanks for this review! haven’t ever come across 12 Second Commute before and you’re right, the pricing is very low which makes it very appealing. I am so nervous to grow my email list too fast in case I won’t be able to afford the monthly fees charged by AWeber or Mailchimp. I’ve been using the free version of Mailchimp up till now. How does it compare? Could you send me an example of an email newsletter so I can compare?

    • I stopped my Mailchimp account when they started charging. 12 Second Commute is undergoing a huge revamp at the moment, and they promise to bring out a service that compares with all the top autoresponders in August. I wait in anticipation before I start a new campaign.

      Thanks for your comment Lauren.

  6. Thank you for simple yet powerful review.

    I am ready to take your offer but could you please let me know the ’email delivery rate and click through rate?’

    Is is tool at least comparable in terms of click through rate or delivery rate?

    • I can’t help you with the click through rate on 12 Second Commute, because it depends on your list and what you send them. The delivery rate is normally 100 percent though, unless the email you send to is incorrect or it goes to spam, which sometimes happens with gmail.

      If you want good click through rates, you need to have a good heading on your email post that will make your clients want to read what you tell them.

      All the best.


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