Spin Rewriter Software Review

Spin Rewriter Software – My Review

This is my Spin Rewriter Software review as I have experienced the software over the past four years.Spin Rewriter Software

Spin Rewriter is owned by Aaron Sustar, and he has been very involved with both his users and his affiliates during the time that I have used the software, which is the reason I give Spin Rewriter a 7/10 rating.

What Is Spin Rewriter

Spin Rewriter is an article spinning software. It is obviously always better to write your own articles as the search engines love original content, but sometimes I use spin rewriter to find better ways in which to rewrite my articles or simply to rewrite sentences I find that I want to add to my articles.

What I love about Spin Rewriter is that the content generated actually makes sense, unlike a lot of the others out there. It just seems to be more intelligent.

Here is an example.

spin rewriter software review

These are the options the program has given me if I had to rewrite this paragraph.

spin rewriter

And this is one variation of the article that I could choose.

spin rewriter software

So now the article can be edited or changed according to your specifications and added to your post. This does save a lot of time when it comes to generating new content for your website or blog.

Every year without fail Aaron has launched upgrades, and given his affiliates all he can to help promote his products.

Spin Rewriter has a great affiliate program attached as you can see by my lifetime spin rewriter software reviewearnings below.

The other thing I love about Spin Rewriter is that you get to try the software for seven days first before you need to lay out a penny. This offer is one of the secrets of the program’s success as it offers everyone a chance to see what exactly the software is capable of.  Spin Rewriter’s policy is to allow prospective clients to use ALL of the features so that they can make an honest assessment of the program’s efficiency.

In the past, I have used various article spinners, but the results were always disappointing.  The spun articles either read terribly or didn’t make sense at all.  With Spin Rewriter, the articles, with a couple of exceptions here and there, always look great.

Spin Rewriter is a content spinning solution that can help business owners save money on internet marketing without sacrificing the quality and efficiency of their strategy. The program generates original content in less than a minute.

Does Google Even Like Spun Articles?

spin rewriter softwareGone are the days of spinning up the same article three hundred times and distributing them all over the web. Google views this as duplicate content and even worse spam.

Some years ago when article marketing was so popular, I was doing this using Spin Rewriter with  good results and lots of traffic. Now that strategy doesn’t work so well anymore. Nowadays it is far better to write a unique article and place it on your website targeting good keywords, and Google will love you more.

I no longer spin articles to send to article directories but have found many new uses for Spin Rewriter Software for my blogs. Here are some of the ways I use Spin Rewriter for my blogging:

  • I take older content on my sites, jazz it up a bit and spin it to make it look a bit different, and then repost.
  • I spin sentences of my writing because often Spin Rewriter Software makes the sentence look better than I did.
  • I use Spin Rewriter Software to find synonyms for words to make my writing more exciting.
  • There are many other compatible software products that use your own unique Spin Rewriter API number to work for you outside of the Spin Rewriter website if you need to.
  • There is a Copyscape button on the site which makes it very easy to check for duplicate content.

Spin Rewriter launches a new upgrade each year and the platform definitely improves each year.

One of the last upgrades claims that Spin Rewriter can produce 500 human-quality articles in under 1 minute. I can’t say I will need to do that though but never the less, the upgrades look quite impressive.

Today marketing is all about content. According to statistics, over 200 million people currently use ad blockers and this number is increasing every day. As the efficiency of advertisements decreases, the quality of content comes to the forefront as the ultimate marketing tool. With Spin Rewriter Software, you can generate loads of original content within seconds.

The secret of this solution’s marketing power is simple, it generates readable and unique content. This allows business owners to save money on copywriting.

This is how it works:

1. The user chooses an original article on any topic from the built-in database.

2. The program processes (‘spins’) the article using the ENL-semantic spinning technology.

3. The user can also choose their settings personally using the manual mode.

4. The user exports the desired number of articles that would be ready for download on any medium.

Each of the generated articles will be readable and unique. It will also have the right keywords put in the right places, which is essential for effective SEO.  I am rather reluctant to use these articles for my own website, and would rather write my own and spin them to see if I can make them better if for use on my own blog.

New Features And Upgrades in Spin Rewriter Over The Last Few Years

ENL Semantic Spinning — Feature #1:
A huge leap forward in semantic analysis:

A significant update to the meaning-extraction and synonym-selection algorithms which now delivers even more unique and readable spun content.

ENL Semantic Spinning — Feature #2:
Sentence structure manipulation:

Spin Rewriter can now detect the relationship between parts of a sentence even better than before, and use it to creatively come up with new sentence structure variations that still make perfect sense.

ENL Semantic Spinning — Feature #3:
Manual review of the synonym database:

Aaron has invested more than 500 man-hours into pruning the database and making sure their algorithms haven’t picked up any bad habits. This manual review is STILL in progress and they are still improving the synonym database every single day.

ENL Semantic Spinning — Feature #4:
Changing grammatical tenses:

The underlying ENL Semantic Spinning tech can now change the grammatical tense of specific sentence parts for extra uniqueness.

ENL Semantic Spinning — Feature #5:
Side-by-side comparison of texts:

While not too complicated, this is an extremely powerful feature. You can now compare all your new freshly spun articles side-by-side with the original ones, even if the new ones include relevant videos, images, etc.

ENL Semantic Spinning — Feature #6:
Relevant stock photo integration:

They have added integration with Pixabay’s freee stock photo repository so you can easily insert super relevant photos into your spun articles.

ENL Semantic Spinning — Feature #7:
Built-in video database upgrade:

With the release of Spin Rewriter 7.0, they have made their built-in database of relevant videos even more powerful… and more adjustable.

ENL Semantic Spinning — Feature #8:
Embed your own videos:

You can now also insert your very own videos into your freshly spun articles. You do this by simply copy-and-pasting the URLs of your videos into the video database interface.

ENL Semantic Spinning — Feature #9:
Improved on-boarding process:

You’ll feel even more at home once you get going… with the on-boarding process that guides you by the hand and turns you into a content spinning ninja in no time.

ENL Semantic Spinning — Feature #10:
Refreshed and streamlined design:

Finally, they have been tracking and studying the most common UX issues and  unveiled some redesigned interface elements to make the software even easier to use.

WordPress users will be happy to know that with the latest upgrade you can how publish articles straight onto your WordPress blog from the Spin Rewriter Platform. You have a choice of publishing immediately or preparing the post to schedule for a later date.

Regular updates and interesting content are vital for marketing campaign success. However, the average cost of a 500-word article is $6, which makes employing the services of copywriters too costly for many small business owners. A solution like this new program can solve this problem by providing readable texts that hold up to the Copyscape check ‘in bulk’.

“Spin-Rewriter is an exceptional piece of software. I have used it on many of my sites. It takes time to set up but then everything is automatic with limitless versions to spin. The software is very intuitive and readable by anyone.”

Spin Rewriter 7.0 also comes with an offer of getting a new version of the program for free every year. The customer support offered by the developer is top-notch. Check it out by registering with Spin Rewriter today for FREE.

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