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Guide To Google Keyword Research Tools For A Better Chance At Mega Traffic

Here are some practical tips and a guide to Google Keyword Research Tools to ensure your success when it comes to ranking your blog or website. Google Keyword Research is usually done by anybody who

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6 thoughts on “Guide To Google Keyword Research Tools For A Better Chance At Mega Traffic

  1. Very good post I agree totally. Finding a good keyword with very little competition and some decent traffic is a marvelous thing indeed and should be the main focus of anyone trying to strive in this online market. This is very good and I signed up for jaaxy thanks to this post I love it already. I appreciate it dearly.

  2. Thanks for the ideas getting more traffic through Google Keywords. The step that I need to do more about is finding out what keywords my competitors are using. There was an SEO tool years ago that helped with that, but I don’t think they are around anymore. I’ll have to check out SEMRush and Searchmetrics.

  3. Keyword research is at the foundation of SEO. I learnt this the hard way when I realise that my site is not having any traffic. Your guide is easy to digest, and it’s great to learn others’ approach to keyword research as well.

    And I also agree that Jaaxy is a great keyword research tool to find long-tail keywords.

    Thanks for sharing!


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