Dare To Be Great, Dare To Be Yourself

dare to be great

In order to be successful and also add to your successful mindset, you need to dare to be great, dare to be different and dare to be yourself. Any online marketer has to learn to think out of the box in order to achieve this.

dare to be great

Dare To Be Great

There are plenty of people offering their “secrets” to help you make more money online. The only problem is that as you trawl around the web searching out these secrets you soon discover they aren’t secrets after all. Everyone seems to be sharing the same secrets, but everyone has something different in their style of doing things and you have to find your style and dare to be great.

What you will learn online is good, old-fashioned business common sense. These “secrets” will teach you that some kind of promotion is necessary to attract people to your website. Once attracted, you need to entice people further with more offerings in exchange for their contact information (email address).

As the saying goes, the money is in the list. You cannot run any kind of business online, or offline unless you have a list of potential customers, so we are all told.

So, the “secrets” that you are searching for online have been there ever since business began. Find something people want, entice them to connect with you, get their details and sell, sell, sell to them over a period to convert them from interested parties to confirmed customers.

What’s Missing?

dare to be greatThe one secret that is often missing from much of the information online has been around offline for centuries as well – be different.

Don’t try to be the same as your competitors. Stand out from the crowd. Do something different that gets you remembered.

For example, take the cab driver who gets the name and address of every passenger.

Each Christmas they get a card from him. And guess what, people remember him and recommend him.

He gets most of his fares from referral business, rather than having to wait around. Have you ever met a cab driver who sends all his passengers cards at Christmas?

Yet online, everyone seems to be the same. New online businesses follow the “rules” set by the experts and gurus.

The result is that almost all websites trying to sell something are starting to look the same.

They all do the same thing – have a great offer and a box to fill in your details. Many of them even use the same templates.

If you follow the “rules” that are part of the “secrets” you will end up following the pack and you won’t be noticed. If you truly want to make it online, you have to be different.

So stand out from the crowd by being different – not just visually, but in the way you approach your readers. Do whacky things perhaps. You will be noticed and remembered – and online that’s nine-tenths of the battle.

Dare to be great and start your online business on the right footing with the right training. I use this company to host all my websites and do all my training make money online. They will give you everything you need, you just need to dare to be great, dare to do the work and dare to be different from all the rest.



Michel Maling


  1. This what I would love to learn most how to be the best in marketing and more so how to be unique in how I approach my leads and my eventual customers.

    The secret is to dare to improve my skills, learning all that I can and listening to people like you who have experienced the path to follow.

     I am in the know and they are better known learning from them If I can achieve those things I would say that I have dared to dare.

  2. I have to tell you that your post is very catchy and helpful too. This is another direction another sight. This post is different than others and I really liked it.

    I read your review about the Wealthy Affiliate and I have to tell you that was also a catchy post. I liked that you wrote about your experience and how you use the program to earn money. Congrats!

  3. Exactly. You must be unique. Why?

    Because it is much easier to write about something if you write the way you actually think.

    By doing so you’ll attract an audience interested in the same thing as you.

    This is the essence of online earnings.

    To find people who think like you?

    Have a nice day,


    • And thank goodness we are all different, so our unique personalities will attract unique and different customers.

  4. Stand out from the crowd!  Yes definitely! Although it seems that there is a certain pattern to follow, what I get from your article is to be different, while offering the same product/service as everyone else.  The way to do that is to focus on serving a purpose instead of trying to sell right away.  Get your audience to really connect with you and then, when they have trust in what you say, offer the help that they expect and the sale will be automatic. In other words “Dare to be Great” 🙂

    • In order to dare to be great, you also need to be willing to try out new ideas. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Denis.

  5. I have a quote on my desktop saying think outside the box and I can relate to this post telling the reader to dare to be different.

    It’s Delivering the same message. Different will get you noticed. I agree with every word of this post. Most websites do look the same and give the same message but in different words. 

    Too many gurus teaching the same stuff. 

  6. Hello Michel, 

    As you explain clearly that we must build our online business, following a personal style. Your article has finished awakening in me the desire to have my own list of subscribers, with which I can interact gaining their trust and doing good business mutually. The money is in the lists, I will seek to make it real from today. 

    Thank you very much for such a valuable article. 

    Regards! Claudio

    • Yes, building a list is one of those things I also need to work on doing well in. I tend to work more on other aspects and neglect this one important one.

  7. Excellent article, and a nice way to point out to newbies that not every process they read/follow online is the simplest road to take!

    The moment I started ‘thinking outside the box’ with my online business things really turned around…and they’ve kept on going in the right direction ever since. 

    It’s great to see an article which highlights the need for originality in an online business. 

    • Thanks for stopping by Chris and all the best with your own online business. Well done on daring to be different.

  8. Thank you for this piece of advice, I am delighted that I came across this post, of course I have been pondering on how to stand out and be unique in promoting products as an affiliate marketer. This post has really provided great insight into how I can do things in a different form and help grow my online business as well. 

  9. Daring to be great is some good advice. Most people are unique enough that if they just follow their natural instincts to be and act as they are rather than trying to fit into the mold that they read so much about in regards to what it takes to be successful online. I totally agree with you.

    Most certainly there are tasks and offers and sales pages, etc. that all marketers must follow but adding your own personality and touch will make a big difference in getting people to remember you and build trust in you. This is hard to do for some people, but well worth putting into practice.

    It makes a lot of sense to get the basics in place for your online business and using a solid platform that offers realistic training that works if you are just starting out, then be yourself as you grow the business. It will be a lot more enjoyable for you too (not forced)…Great post!  

    • Thanks Dave. You are correct in saying we need to get the basics in place as in this way we can develop our greatness.

  10. Hi Michel Maling,

    A big question marks reminds me every thing which is always hidden to me as a secret. I am dedicated to learn something which is real and give me a perfect way to earn from on line consistently. Your article gives me inspiration to be strict on my goal. I believe many beginners will also get some inspiration from it. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Thanks for this motivational post, been great starts from our determination to be great, been an online marketer one needs to have the right mindset in other to to be great, people get the wrong impression about online marketing been a get rich quick scheme which isn’t valid. in my opinion we need determination to be great in online business.

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