Coaching For Affiliate Marketers – Bonus Time!

coaching for affiliate marketers

As affiliate marketers, we are always looking out for coaching for affiliate marketers and for new ideas to promote and sell products as well as help people out.

Here are some tips and coaching for affiliate marketers that you may find useful within your own online business.

coaching for affiliate marketers

As affiliate marketers, we always need to be ready to open our minds to new possibilities, because the moment that you start to do affiliate marketing you will be in competition with other affiliates selling the same products and sometimes even using the same methods.

You need to stand out with your content marketing and in other ways so that your potential customers find you first and you can help them choose the right product for their needs.

The best way to do this is through content marketing.

This involves many aspects, including finding the correct keywords, opening your own website/online business and providing answers and help to people and potential customers.

You can read more about content marketing here.

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Coaching For Affiliate Marketers

Increasing Your Turnover

One of the best coaching for affiliate marketers tips I can give you is that you need to spend at least three hours a day working on your business. If you treat affiliate marketing as a hobby, you will make small change. Treat it like a business and watch those sales roll in.

Like other jobs, you need to treat your affiliate marketing as a business. How many successful businesses do you know that don’t plan out their strategies? This is no different because you need a strategy to execute. So, ask yourself the following:

  • Can I offer more than my competitors? Can I give out a bit extra in order to attract more customers and get more sales?
  • Am I in the position to offer a bonus to customers who purchase from me?

If customers can get something that adds value to their purchase or something that is more valuable than the product purchase price, surely it will be converted into more sales for you and the vendor.

Bonuses mean more value to the customer. In fact, most of the time if you look around bonuses are usually worth more than what the products purchased are.

So yes, even though you are selling the same thing as other affiliates and servicing the same market, by having bonuses that are truly valuable, the customers will prefer purchasing products through your affiliate link. Bonuses are obviously designed and implemented with the aim to increase sales for the affiliate marketer.

Make sure your bonuses are readily available and accessible to all customers once they purchase through your affiliate link. It creates excitement and the results are both rewarding and profitable.

Now in this coaching for affiliate marketers, let’s look at some ways to sweeten the deal for your customers.

How To Plan Your Bonuses

Although it’s true that customers are paying for the main product, how many customers will actually say no to buying the same products with an extra bonus for the same price.

bonuses for affiliate marketers

You need to make your bonus something that will catch the attention of your potential customers and make it different from others. They should be unique and irresistible.

So, what could your bonuses be?

What are the proper criteria for you to put up bonuses?

What are the things that you should know when setting up your very own bonuses?

Bonuses Must Be Relevant

This is a really important affiliate marketing coaching tip. If the bonus is not at all relevant to your product, then the buyers won’t appreciate it and might even be confused by the bonus deal. Also, they won’t feel rewarded.

Think about what your prospect may need after buying a particular product.

For example, if he bought a dishwasher, you could offer him some free dishwasher powder or tablets, or on the digital side, if your customer bought a camera, you could offer a book on tips on how to get the best out of his camera.

The possibilities are in fact endless!

Try To Make The Perceived Value Of The Bonus More Than The Product Costs

If this product you are selling costs $67, your bonus should worth 5 times the product, which makes it in the region of $300,

This is not a given rule to follow, just a general principle to look at.

Your bonus needs to work as a motivational push for your buyers to take action in purchasing your product.

Is Your Bonus Rare?

Your bonus must be rare. This means that it should only accessible through you. If you provide a bonus that can be found elsewhere, it won’t be special anymore and the prospective buyer might not be intrigued by it.

When you promise to give something, you should give it right away. Buyers will be very excited to receive the special bonus, so make sure it is instantly available to them, or if not a digital product, it needs to get to them either with their purchase or before.

Remember that your customer must have a good buying experience, then he or she is far more likely to come back and buy from you again.

Be Adventurous

And by being adventurous, I mean trying something new.

Some ideas could be to organize competitions, do giveaways, or even offer rewards for surveys or to send their friends to your offer.

If you are a vendor, you could try giving out prizes to the affiliates who sell the most products. This works especially well with product launches.

In order to increase your sales for the affiliate contest, you can use the scarcity factor as your sales technique. This technique creates a sense of urgency for customers to purchase a product through your affiliate link by presenting it as limited for a short period of time.

Another great strategy is to join forces with other affiliates to create super bonuses to increase your sales and as a team, you can try as a team to win the affiliate contest and put some extra cash in your pockets. You will thus have extra value in your bonuses because you are leveraging each other’s efforts.

Reuse Your Bonuses

Because you have probably spent a lot of time and effort getting your bonuses together, or even writing your own ebooks as bonuses, it makes sense to reuse them in other promotions that are related.

Ensure Your Bonuses Stay Valuable

Before you give access to your special bonus you need to verify that the customer actually purchased the product you are promoting through your affiliate link.

It is important to ensure that you are not giving access to those who did not purchase through your link. This is unfair to those who did and it cheapens your bonus if everyone can get hold of it easily.

Have the customer submit a support ticket requesting access to your bonus. Have them submit their purchase transaction information so you can verify their purchase. Once you have verified the transaction simply create a user account and password for the user and send them the login details via the support ticket. That’s it!

Different Types Of Killer Bonuses

Offering a bonus is all about adding value to what they have purchased.

You will want to create and build bonuses that are congruent to the main product that you are promoting. It must be something that will help your subscribers make more money with the main product or make it easier for them the use it faster.

The most important thing about creating great bonuses is making them SUPER USEFUL for your customers. Not just random stuff, but practical things that people actually find it worthwhile to use. By offering a lot of useful bonuses, your offer is going to look more appealing to your customers.

Here is a list of some bonuses that you can use as ‘bait.’

EBooks or Special Reportsaffiliate marketing coaching

You are an expert on the subject topics within your niche. Now all you need is the confidence to put your knowledge onto digital paper.

If you have written a book report in school, you are capable of creating a report or eBook that only you can deliver. It will be completely unique because this will be your original content.

You can always have this outsourced as well if you choose to speed up the process.

The content can be anything from interviews, testimonies and many of the things that pertain to the product you are promoting.

Try adding a special report to it to add more value to your original product.

It can be in many forms. First, it could be conducting an interview with a knowledgeable person to discuss the product or maybe something that is relevant to the product.

For instance, you could offer some books to ‘help someone with something’ plus ‘a transcript of the interview’ as a bonus. In the interview, the discussion is all about your product, and then naturally the interviewee shares some expert insights and ideas regarding the product or niche.


This is for affiliates that want to provide a more visual experience for their buyers. For example, a tutorial video teaching your buyers on how to use your front-end product can be a really favorable bonus.

A lot of people nowadays find visual experiences more convenient than printed or written words. In addition, videos that are geared towards your product will help your customers to understand the product better, and this is what they are usually looking for.

As a coaching for affiliate marketers tip note that people love training videos that teach them what they want to know.

A great video recorder to use would be Camtasia Studio as it is one of the easiest software recorders to use. You can use a free version that you can download online and what’s more their interface is very user-friendly and you can do multiple editing to your video clips.

PowerPoint Presentation Templates

Just like tools and software, this bonus works well for creative-based products. Templates can exist in many forms like a poster template, PowerPoint slides templates, etc.

For poster and design templates, you can include it as a bonus to a product that is related to editing or designing. If the product is a tutorial or perhaps, a designing tool – giving your buyers a set of templates is a great reward.

After all, we’re living in a world where people value convenience and their time. In other words, tools that help things to work easier than usual are highly appreciated.

Another bonus idea that you could use is a set of ready-made templates that are related to a presentation or video recording. Let’s say you are selling an e-book that is a guide on “How To Make A Powerful Presentation”.

Providing them with presentation templates would be a great big plus. Having this as a bonus offer will not only help the users but it will also give them a big push to create more content.

Another thing to take note of is that some users are not well-versed in designing presentation slides. To them, the provision of templates for presentation slides is very beneficial. When you are selling something like this, you want to make it as easy as you can for the users. This will make the bonus you are offering all the more enticing.


This is another option for you. These days, people are so busy and they are constantly on the go. This is your chance to target such prospects.

Audio recordings of videos and seminars are valuable because they can easily be added to your subscribers’ smartphones or any device they use to listen to music or audio.

They can now learn and take advantage of your bonus as they go through their busy daily schedules.

affiliate marketing banner

Downloadable Software

Software is a nice bonus too, especially for products that require particular software or online tools to work better. So, if you want to make your bonus crazy attractive, consider using software or tools to offer great advantages as a bonus offer.

Software is normally pricey, so buyers normally jump at the chance to get some free related software coming their way.

A very irresistible offer, for example, is a product related to photography and the bonus is an editing tool, which has of high value. Also, it’s relevant to the product, making it more desirable.

Group Coaching Call

This is a bonus that you do not have to deliver upfront and can be completed after the sale of your product is done.

These coaching calls can be delivered as a teleconference or webinar. You can be live on camera or use a presentation to deliver to your subscribers. Creating a presentation related to the product you are promoting will help them to use the product with more efficiency.

You can also invite the product creator on to the call. This is to show your audience that you care about them and that you are going to deliver secrets about the product that they cannot get with anyone else.

Exclusive Interviews

affiliate marketing coaching

This an awesome bonus to deliver to your subscribers and customers. It is extremely easy to do and is a bonus with a high perceived value.

Getting interviews from product vendors is a great way to deliver good content about the product you are promoting to your audience. These interviews can be used to deliver insiders’secrets about the product. You can use it to increase your conversion from your bonus page!

Interviews can also be transcribed into eBooks or audio recordings if you interviewed your expert live.

Private Label Rights (PLR)

Now, this is a great tool you can use to create bonuses. But, you need to do it the right way. When using PLR content to create your bonuses you will need to rewrite and change the content to be unique to you.

PLR content is purchased by hundreds or even thousands of people. The last thing you would want to happen is to have the same content as another affiliate because both of you have the same PLR package.

Because you want your bonus to stand out, you need to make sure your bonus is unique, right?

Changing the graphics is the first step in making your private label rights content unique. Outsourcing that job is probably best. Head to Fiver.com or even Upwork.com for a wide range of freelancers!

Next, you would want to review the content and make sure it is as what you’ve set it to be. Don’t forget to make any updates or changes that you think are necessary to reflect what you are trying to deliver to your audience.

You can also repurpose your own content. Using what you already have is the quickest and easiest way to make unique bonuses your subscribers will love.

Free Membership

As you probably know by now, exclusivity sells. There is nothing more exclusive than access to exclusive content. And what makes content exclusive? By having to have a membership to get access to it!

Some websites have limited access to members only. To obtain a membership, they must make payment. Giving the buyers access when they buy your product is a sale-closing offer they won’t be able to refuse.

You are giving them free access to paid content. Additionally, you can also provide them with special benefits as members of your website. For example, a bonus that allows access to other bonuses.

And there you have it – some coaching for affiliate marketers in a nutshell!

Use these bonus ideas to help you earn more in your promotions. It does take some work, patience, risk, and testing but you know that it is going to be worth it in the end.

For more great coaching for affiliate marketers in far greater detail, read about my platform of choice here.



Michel Maling


  1. I’ve only recently started to dip my toe in the water with affiliate marketing on my blog, and I’ve been looking for ways to stand out from the crowd with it. Never even considered bonuses…

    I do see a lot of marketers offering their own personal help when people sign up for a course or community/education online. Do you feel this is a good angle of bonus to take on initially?

    • I guess it works well, and it all depends on who you are marketing too. It’s always a good idea to have an idea in your head of the type of person that you want to appeal to, and then to find an appropriate bonus for that type of person.

  2. I love when you say you need to spend at least three hours a day working on your business! This is so true! If you treat affiliate marketing as a hobby, it will always remain a hobby, and you won’t get much out of it. I have been putting in a lot of hours most days, but then there are days when I am so blase about it. Thank you so much for sharing. I needed this.

  3. I am kinda old school, in the way that I believe to study something (practical especially) you can only learn it from someone who did it before. As doctors did in the previous era. 

    So when you talk about affiliate marketing coaching, I am all in. Today there is a lot of information about affiliate marketing online, and there is no way to know for sure what can and can not work. Having a coach can take the uncertainty out of the equation and also help encourage you along the way.

    So I would like to be an affiliate marketer and an affiliate coach one day, I have seen that you’ve recommended a program, what is it exactly and which benefit can I get from it? Or can you become my coach?


    • The program I most recommend, is Wealthy Affiliate, and you could say that this company is my coach. If you belong to Wealthy Affiliate, the entire community could actually be your coaches as everyone helps everyone else out with problems relating to affiliate marketing.

      I recommend this program for anybody who wants to be successful with affiliate marketing. You can read more about them here.

  4. You’ve made some valid points here – it’s come at the perfect time while I’m creating my own products for my people – you’ve opened up alot of ideas here for me – I’m really going to go hard on the video to begin with – and create video content products. Total advocate for reusing the bonuses!
    Thank you so much!

    • Thanks Karsha and hope you can get those video’s pumping out hard and fast. 

  5. Dear Michel,

    Being an full-time Affiliate Marketer I found your post highly uplifting and educational. I got great insights from your post and I enjoyed it.

    Indeed content is the king and content marketing works. I drive organic traffic to my website just by writing quality posts and it takes time but works.

    To be honest, offering some relevant bonus to the product we promote is an eye-opener for me. And I never tried this awesome technique and going forward I am going to implement it. Recently I have completed my eBook on make money online niche I believe I can offer that as my bonus. PLR also sounds as a good option I do have PLR rights for few products.

    Best wishes to you, your family and your success,

    Warm Regards,


    • Thanks for stopping by Paul and you are lucky you already have something original to offer as a bonus.

      All the best with your promotions going forward.

  6. Wow! This is such a detailed and exhaustive post. I’m an affiliate marketer but I still engage in the usually normal procedures that all affiliate marketers engage in with hopes of winning more sales than competitors. But this post has really enlightened me. I really gained from the aspect using unique bonuses as a leverage to win more sales. I find the provision of eBook, downloadable softwares and group conference call very much achievable for me right now and I will definitely engage in using them. 

    Thanks so much for sharing this eye opener

    • Yes, I am sure it will make a huge difference to all your campaigns.  All the best.

  7. WOW, It’s a great opportunity for me and us. A lot of important and useful information here! 

    I have wanted to learn Affiliate Marketing for a long time. But I did not understand how to start work and where to learn. Fortunately, I got a lot of good ideas after reading your article And got a position to learn. 

    Your offered bonus ideas to encouraged me and help me to earn. I will join here as soon as possible.
    Thank you so much to you for creating an awesome helping platform.

    • Thanks for your kind words Mehedi and hope this does help you with your marketing ideas.

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