Is There An Alternative To Network Marketing?

an alternative to network marketing

Hey, there all you Network Marketers – Why are you Working so Hard? There is an alternative to network marketing if you want to start your own business.

If you are in the network marketing business, you probably know how difficult it is and how hard you have to work in order to make a decent income.

In this article, I am going to look at an alternative to network marketing in order to make money online.

alternative to network marketing

What Is Network Marketing?

Selling, Selling, Selling – that’s the name of the game when it comes to network marketing. Whether its vitamins, beauty products or cleaning material, it’s just a matter of selling and getting as many distributors into your down line as you possibly can. Is your network marketing company paying you what you are worth?

Network marketing is an industry that has produced millionaires but very rarely do people get rich in this business. The majority of people who join a network marketing company will fail miserably at it.

Network marketing will also require a face to face presentation, demonstration, and sale of products or services, usually at the home or office of a prospect by the independent direct sales representatives.

network marketing alternative

I think that the problem when it comes to network marketing is that the majority of people either battle to sell products or battle to get a down line.

It’s competitive and a rat race industry.

Thus, even if you do get a large down line, most of them will battle and give up. The ideal situation would be for you as the distributor to take the time to help train your down line to duplicate what you are doing, and if they are successful, it will mean success for you as well.

Unfortunately, in the real world, people rarely have time to help others and are really only thinking of themselves, but a shift in mindset may be just what people doing network marketing need to do in order to succeed in this tough market place.

The other main problem is that the products within these companies are quite highly-priced, so are more difficult to sell than other products of the same quality that one can purchase in a store. So if you do get into this line of business, make sure that you are selling products that are unique or of very high quality to warrant the price.

alternative to network marketing

Who Should Be Doing This Type Of Marketing?

Any marketing or network marketing business is hard work, but this type of work must definitely be the hardest job of all. I take my hat off to people who become successful in this business model.

In order to do this, you need to be highly motivated, dedicated and never give up on achieving your goals.

If you do not enjoy selling products to others, I recommend you stay away from this sort of business model.

I too at one stage sold beauty products but never made much out of it. I guess I just wasn’t pushy enough or something.

My valuable time was spent driving around giving people facials, only to have them purchase one product, which didn’t even cover the petrol it took to get there. Then I would beg people to throw parties for me, and this was hard work over the weekends when all my friends were relaxing.

When I did manage to get somebody to sign up under me, they usually lasted about a month or so before giving up. I’ll admit I am probably the world’s worst salesperson, and I absolutely hated all the cold calling. Can you believe that I actually started feeling guilty about phoning people every month to beg for sales?

So Here Is My Alternative To Network Marketing

Well, thankfully I have long since given all that up.

I now sit in the comfort of my home in front of my computer and enjoy learning new things each and every day.

I never cold call or chase people anymore, because if they like what they see, they come and visit my site (the one you are on right now is just one of them). If they make a purchase or take action on my websites, great, but if they don’t, there are millions more out there who will come and visit, without me having to go anywhere.

How would you like to never chase clients again? Have them chase you instead. That is the joy of Online/Affiliate Marketing.

To all you die-hard network marketers out there who still do the job off-line, did you know you can market far more effectively online from the comfort of your home? Click here to find out how you can promote your products to a worldwide audience using the power of the internet.

I learned everything I know from a company called Wealthy Affiliate.

It is now possible to build your own online empire in any type of niche that you like. Hell, you can even make money from your hobby.

The wonderful thing about building out an online business around your hobby or something that you enjoy or know a lot about is that it won’t feel like work, because you will enjoy doing it.

It will obviously take time to build up your business, but any business takes time to build up. The more time you put into it the more you will get out, like anything in life. I do it very part-time and I am making some good money each month. So can you if you put in a bit of effort.

Wealthy Affiliate also has its own affiliate program, which earns you a monthly recurring income from each member. But you can learn to sell virtually anything online by using their resources and training. Simply click on the banner below to find out more. You can start free and stay a free member as long as you like.

My family thinks I have gone mad, as I am totally addicted to my computer in my spare time. Some mornings I am up at 4 am in front of my computer, and funnily enough, I don’t even miss my sleep all that much. I wake up rearing to go, and thoroughly enjoying learning something new each day that will help me to build a sustainable business that I know will pay me for years to come.

Even if I go away for a couple of weeks, I come back and my websites have kept working and earning for me, without me actually being there. This is the joy of affiliate marketing, and the larger your site grows, the more successful you will become, as long as you are writing good content that is helpful to your visitors.

This is why I know that affiliate marketing is an alternative to network marketing that is well worth exploring.

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