Is It Worth Making A Google Adsense Website?

google adsense website

Is it worth it creating a Google Adsense Website and is it possible to make $1000 000 in Adsense earnings?  Let’s look and see if this is realistic in today’s world.

Who Is Jason Calacanis?

First of all, have you ever heard of Jason McCabe Calacanis. He was born on the 28th of November 1970 (the same year as me, and he revealed on his blog some years ago that he was on track to earn a million dollars from AdSense over the next year. Let’s see if this actually happened…..

His first company was part of the dot-com era in New York, and his second venture, Weblogs, Inc., a publishing company that he co-founded together with Brian Alvey, capitalized on the growth of blogs before being sold to AOL and is an angel investor in various technology startups.

google adsense website

Two years after inception, the Weblogs, Inc. blogs business was generating $1,000 a day just from AdSense. Time Warner’s America Online agreed to buy Weblogs, Inc. in October 2005 for $25–30 million.

And if that number doesnít wake you up and have you sitting on the edge of your seat, consider for a moment that he reached this level in less than a year. His company only started using AdSense in September 2004.

Calacanis had quickly proven that AdSense is a credible advertising partner.

As their network has grown, so has their AdSense revenue. In January 2005 they earned an average of $580 per day. In March it was $737. In May it was $1,585. One day in July, just before he made the blog entry referred to above, they earned $2,335. Remember that is just for one day. If they can take that daily average to $2,740 they’ll be earning a rate of $1 million for a year. And Calacanis predicts that reaching daily earnings of $3,000 or even $5,000 is quite achievable.

That was quite an achievement. Keep in mind that Calacanis had 103 bloggers on the payroll and nine staffers. Even so, many webmasters would give an arm or a leg to have even a third of that.

Is It Worth Having A Google Adsense Website?

Google AdSense has been revolutionary. It has become firmly established as the darling of the online advertising industry. Although, since then, major competitors have launched similar services. Adsense, however, is still going strong to this day.

In essence, AdSense has made it possible for almost anyone with a web site or blog to earn some revenue from advertising, without having to employ sales people or spend precious time searching for advertisers.

AdSense works like this. Webmasters sign up for an account in just a few minutes. They receive a small snippet of code to include on their web pages. Google will then automatically serve advertisements that are relevant to the content on the webmaster’s pages.

When someone visits the webmaster’s site and clicks on one of Google’s AdSense advertisements, the webmaster earns a fee. Advertisers can pay anywhere from five cents to a hundred dollars per click, and the webmaster receives a percentage of that fee.

Many webmasters are content with earning five to ten dollars from AdSense to cover the cost of web hosting. But many, unsurprising, have higher ambitions. At a popular WebmasterWorld forum, participants shared tips and encouragement on reaching a goal of $300 per day from AdSense. So it is no wonder that Calacanis created quite a buzz when he made his million dollar blog entry.

Google have proven once again that they excel at designing innovative Internet services. If you are in the web industry and have not yet used AdSense, then perhaps you should try it out. Or if you are already using it, perhaps Calacanis impressive results will encourage you to track the performance of your AdSense units more closely, fine tune their positions and formats, and take your earnings to a new level.

Having a Google Adsense website does have a few downsides though:

  • It takes time to be approved. You will only be approved for an account with them if you have content rich websites.
  • Some have reported been banned by Adsense with no expaination. They are very strict if you are caught cheating the system, but in some cases people are banned and they are not sure why.
  • They don’t pay as well as some of the newer ad systems out there, but they have been around the test of time, which is what I like about them.
  • Many people don’t like to visit a website full of ads, but you can monitor where and how you want the ads places on your website.

Do you have a Google Adsense Website? Please comment below and share your experiences.

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  1. Ok so this is the one thing I have been curious about so thank you. After reading I realized that once I qualify I will reapply to Adsense because I think it’s the one thing that will help me make money. With being said what is your favorite thing about Adsense that isn’t about the money? 

    • Ease of use is definitely my favorite feature of Adsense. My least favorite is when they place ads on your site that are not relevant to your content, which luckily is not often.

  2. I have been trying to get my website accepted by google ads for the longest time but I just can’t seem to get accepted. I honestly do not know what the problem is so I was wondering if you could help me out. You could perhaps give me tips on how to get accepted. 

    • Hi Aubin,

      I am not sure if the rules have changed, but I was accepted a few years ago. I had a site with over 50 articles on it and I was publishing regularly. Once I was accepted I just put code on my other sites too. Recently however I got an email from them saying if I don’t replace the coding on the one site I took off, I would have to reapply, so obviously the rules have changed a bit.

  3. I believe it is worth having multiple blogs to make money from AdSense. You’ll definitely need a lot of traffic to your blog or website. You will still need to do other marketing on other platforms to generate traffic to your webpage. Just as YouTube you’ll need many subscribers and viewers. It works as it’s an additional source of getting money. If you are great at writing and generally producing great compelling content of interest for various audiences, then you might be on the right path. There are advertisers out there in different industries that are more invested in marketing and are wanting to advertise products to your thousands of audiences.

  4. I had never heard of Jason Calacanis before. I have not put up any ad sense sites as of yet, but this information is valuable. I have done some research and study into how to set one up but up until now my focus in digital marketing has been elsewhere. I saved your article to refer back to later when I am ready to create a website and set up Ad Sense. I have a few ideas in mind. 

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