Eliminate Self-Sabotage By Making Use Of Subliminal MP3’s

When self-sabotage is deep-rooted in your subconscious mind, it can be difficult to eliminate self-sabotage. Years and years of negative self-talk and outer influences like parents with issues, unhelpful friends, and co-workers, pull you down like cement blocks attached to your feet.

You feel like you are not moving forward with anything because of the weight.

Always remember that if you try something and it does not work, try something else and keep trying until you find something that does work.eliminate self-sabotage

For those who have deep-rooted self-sabotage issues or find that affirmations and positive self-talk seem like something hard to do, day in and day out, then Subliminal MP3’s might be the answer to eliminate self-sabotage.

To fully understand how your subconscious mind works, we can look at it in this way.

Think of your subconscious mind as being a room in your brain. All your negative experiences are stored there, and they get layered. Each layer sticks to the layer below it, like bricks cemented together. You try to use an affirmation to break up these layers but there is a problem. It’s a room and there is a nasty fire-breathing dragon guarding the door to the room. This dragon is going to burn any positive intentions that attempt to go into the room. Hot fire pours from its mouth, melting all that goodness.

But what if the dragon can’t hear the positive statements coming its way? It ís sitting there on guard, looking side to side, just wishing it could burn a positive statement. A subliminal MP3, fires positive statements at rocket speed, right past that dragon’s ear. Yea old dragon hears nothing and continues to sit there with smoke coming out of the nostrils. As each rocket is fired, the positive statements break up the layered bricks of negative self-talk. The bricks are reduced to chunks, then pebble size and finally black sand.

Listening faithfully to a self-sabotage MP3 will eventually have that negative self-talk completely reduced to fine black sand. The next thing that happens is, the negative self-talk gets lifted up and slowly moves out of the room.

There is no space left for it because the positive self-talk has filled the room and taken over. Meanwhile, the dragon has started to doze off because it hears nothing that stirs its blood and the desire to burn. The dragon is defeated and doesn’t have a job anymore.

When you decide to use a subliminal MP3 to eliminate self-sabotage, make sure you read all the instructions before purchasing. Certain MP3’s can be harmful to those who have epilepsy for instance.

Subliminal MP3’s come with a list of what your subconscious room will be filled with. There will be a recommended number of times to read this list of affirmations/positive statements. Make sure to follow the guidelines.

Studies have shown that the best time to listen, is when you are awake and relaxed. Never listen while driving and although some have success listening while sleeping, others have found that subliminal MP3’s interrupted their deep REM sleep.

So, for best results, find a quiet space in your home, listen and breath deeply. Having something like a fish tank is incredible for relaxation. Watching the fish glide around, while positive emotions and intentions are filling up your subconscious room, is a pleasure that you can really enjoy.

Here are some great ways to eliminate self-sabotage that you can purchase online for about $0.99. Simply click on the picture of the products that interest you to find out more.

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As you can see from the selection above you can buy just about any topic to eliminate self-sabotage of any kind.

  Overcome And Eliminate Self-Sabotage By Using Positive Self-Talk

Sometimes, we are our own worst enemy. We knock ourselves down and beat our emotions into the ground. Who needs enemies, when we are so accomplished at defeating ourselves. 

eliminate self-sabotage

It’s high time to stop being so destructive to ourselves. Many people are masters at self-sabotage. This ends today. Today we become the best at positive self-talk and take back the joy and happiness that we were born with.

While you may have tried affirmations before, perhaps you didn’t have the success you wanted. There could be several reasons for that. For starters, if you do affirmations, it is not just about repeating a phrase over and over. For affirmations to work, they must be specific to you and they must be said with conviction. Stand in front of the mirror and state your affirmation with serious intent. You will see a major difference when you apply this simple technique.

Positive self-talk is different. In using positive self-talk, you need to do an assessment. Listen to yourself throughout the day and when you are making negative statements, pause and write them down.

For example, when you hear yourself say, “ah, there is no way. I can’t do this. It’s too hard,” quickly write that down in a notebook. Now underline the words, can’t and it’s too hard.

After a few days, take some time and sit down with your notebook. Review all the times you were engaging in negative self-talk. Think back to the situation and remember why you felt that way? Is there a behavior you were engaging in, that you could change, and if so, would it lessen the desire to engage in negative talk? If the answer is yes, then start working on changing that behavior.

Now, let’s look at the words you underlined. Those are the words that you need to eliminate from your vocabulary. They needed to be deleted from your memory…forever. 

Let’s go back and look at the sentence negative sentence and change it up a bit.

“Ah, this interesting, it’s not working yet, I am positive that I can find a way to make it work and make it fun.”

There are many ways you could re-write this sentence in your very own positive self-talk, that reflects your personal situation.

As you work your way through identifying negative talk and replacing it with positive self-talk, you need to install an anchor.

An anchor is part of NLP…the language of our brain. Pick an anchor that suits your daily situation. If you work outside of the house, it should be something you can do, that people won’t notice. When you hear the negative self-talk, mentally tell yourself to stop, and then install a positive anchor.

How you may ask?

For instance, putting your thumb on the pad of your baby finger and applying pressure. Repeating this and then saying something positive, will cause you to stop the negative immediately and replace it with a positive. Installing an anchor gives signals to our brains to pay attention and do what we want.

Now if you work from home, you can make it fun by slapping your hands together and yelling, “stop,” each time you catch yourself doing the nasty self-talk. 

As you master positive self-talk, you will see so many positive changes in your life. You will begin to sleep better, feel less stressed, and smile more. Smiling more is very important. When you do that, it engages muscles, that activate positive chemicals in your body to make you feel great. That’s why they say, “laughter is the best medicine.” Just do it now.

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Please feel free to comment if you would like to add anything else on how to eliminate self-sabotage.

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