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carbon copy pro

This is my take on Carbon Copy Pro. I was a member of this program a few years ago, but it has undergone several changes since then and has now become Pro Elite.

I decided to revisit the company and see what they have been up to.

carbon copy pro


Website(s): www.prou.co or www.carboncopypro.com

Price: $25/mth + EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE Upsells

Owner: Jay Kubassek

My Rating: 6/10

Who Should Join: Only if you have lots of money to spend.

Carbon Copy Pro History

Carbon Copy Pro was originally started by Jay Kubassek in 2005 and was built as a front end marketing system for Wealth Masters International.

What Is Wealth Masters International?

Wealth Masters International is a direct sales company with roots in multi-level marketing (has multiple tiers or levels of pay and commission earning potential) that offers financial education conferences as part of their product range.

carbon copy pro

Wealth Masters International provides a variety of insights in the financial realm based off of founder Kip Herriages’s years of experience on Wall Street as a major player there. Having achieved success in the investment world, Herriage decided to offer training for the general public, not just a select group of high wealth-high net worth investors who could afford his services.

I found the pricing for these products to be very expensive, which is why I ended up leaving the business, as most people simply can’t afford them.

They offer 3 different products which are:

  • M1 Masters program   The entry-level product that is physically shipped to your house with books and CD’s and DVD’s to empower, educate and inform. The entry-level price here is about $ 2 000.
  • M2 Masters program   The Wealth Masters International M2 product is actually a conference that is held twice a year in an American based destination resort area and comprises of roughly 2 days of conferences from various industry speakers in the finance, political and personal development world. This will set you back another $ 10 000,
  • M3 Masters program  The M3 program is the all-inclusive 5-star international resort conference for 5 days which is the culmination of the M1 and M2 events. The training and information at their M3 lifestyle event is not just more of the M2, but next level information. They closely guard what is said about the events, and as such I’m being generic intentionally. This program will set you back $ 20 000 when purchased along with the other two memberships.

Carbon Copy Pro had a separate membership fee and supplied pre-made web pages that advertised a home business. Once the lead was captured, the Wealth Masters International products were pushed.

On the back end, Carbon Copy Pro trained you how to start an online business from home by teaching you the basics of internet marketing and offered some valuable mindset and personal growth development training as well.

This is what I enjoyed about the company, as the training was a great springboard into the world of internet marketing and I really learned a lot from their weekly webinars.

Carbon Copy Pro since broke their affiliation with Wealth Masters Internations back in 2010. They then changed their name to Pro – Elite.

In late 2010 Jay Kubbassek and his then partner Aaron Parkinson launched the next evolution of Carbon Coy Pro. It was called Pro U, which stood for Pro university.

Pro U was meant to take the company away from its sales system and more into a marketing education system.

Unfortunately, the Pro U system was not well received by the existing community and new members found the platform confusing.

When Pro U broke off completely with Wealth Masters International as their ‘back-end’ product, they introduced David Bach and his ‘Automatic Millionaire’ program, which was based on his best selling line of books called ‘The Automatic Millionaire.’

Carbon Copy Pro lost a lot of members who decided to stay with Wealth Masters International rather than the new system created by former top Carbon Copy Pro earner and member Jeff Lerner. His new system was called the Millionaire Operating System.

The product line is associated primarily with marketing training. There is definitely a cost involved with this training along with the opportunity to earn money as an affiliate.

In the home business industry, it is vital to learn. Many people will advertise about making money with no effort but the fact is you won’t make money if you don’t learn how to market online.

The network marketing industry is a great way to make more money than you ever could with a job provided you know how to do it properly.

So if you spend a few hundred or even thousands of dollars to gain the education that will allow you to make a multiple six-figure incomes then that is money well spent.

Is It Worth Joining Pro Elite?

As for a business opportunity they do have quite a few high end and high-cost products. If you learn how to market properly then you can make a significant income with Pro Elite or you may choose to put your marketing skills to use with another business opportunity and just utilize Pro Elite for the marketing education and ongoing training.

I believe that money does need to be spent on learning how to market as if you are serious about making an income online it is an investment in your future.

However, is Pro Elite a good income opportunity? Only time will tell.wealthy affiliate

As I found out the hard way, Carbon Copy Pro provided overpriced mentorship programs that will suck up all your savings if you are not careful.

Although I did learn some valuable lessons from belonging to the platform, I did so at a really high price.

To get the entire mentorship program, you need a total of $39,995, which is almost equivalent to the price of a college degree program. Please take a step back to reconsider, the HUGE sum of money can be used for many other things.

Also, remember that spending so much money does not guarantee your success. I certainly had none apart from the knowledge I gained.

Click here if you want just as good an education 

at a much better price

In case you are still interested, here are the prices of the products you will need to purchase should you join Carbon Copy Pro / Pro Elite. I haven’t seen these courses personally, as I left Carbon Copy Pro before all this came in.

carbon copy proJay Kubassek’s BlackBook: $97

This is basically an introduction to internet marketing and the ways in which you can earn online.

pro silver carbon copy proSILVER Mentorship: $1 995 or $600 plus 6 monthly payments of $250.

You won’t be able to purchase any other levels of the Mentorship Program unless you purchase the silver one first.

This covers core competencies, skill sets, and mindset.

carbon copy pro goldGOLD Mentorship: $7 995 or $9 995 if purchasing silver and gold together.

This program builds on the foundation set in silver level. Unfortunately, this is only one year of coaching, not lifetime. So make sure you get through it in a year. This course focuses on more tips and tricks, as well as driving traffic to your offers.

carbon copy pro PlatinumPlatinum Mentorship: $ 9 995 or $19 995 if purchasing with the Gold and Silver Mentorship.

This course teaches you to create your own product instead of selling other people’s products. Also only lasts for a year.

carbon copy pro blackBlack Mentorship: $ 19 995 or $39 995 if purchasing all the previous mentorships.

This part of the program focuses on joint venture opportunity with Carbon Copy Pro where you can use its brand to distribute your own product online.

Is Carbon Copy Pro / Pro Elite a Scam?

I will tell you now that this program is not a scam, but it comes at a hefty price. For most beginners starting out online, these amounts will seem ludicrous and also unaffordable. I would also think that marketing these products will be extremely difficult due to the cost factor.

I used to love the training I received at Carbon Copy Pro and couldn’t wait for the weekly webinars, but I found at that time the monthly fee of $149 was simply out of reach, especially with the exchange rate as I am South African.

I have since found great training at a quarter of the price, and my websites are all doing well.

So if you cannot afford Carbon Copy Pro, you can read about where I get my training right here.

orelite pro

Please feel free to share your thoughts below if you have had any experience with Carbon Copy Pro.

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  1. I can always rely on your honest reviews on all the programs and companies that you look into and your Carbon Copy Pro Review is no exeption

    I have been thinking of signing up to this program for a while now but it seems a bit expensive, even with the high end products to promote I would still have to make sales every month to cover the cost of paying for carbon copy pro

    Can you really earn money just on the basic carbon copy pro package or would you say that I would have to upgrade to get the benefits of it?

    • I think you can now join as a free member and get some great training, but I think you would need to be paying some form of a monthly subscription, in the basic membership in order to sell and make money as an affiliate. I see they call themselves SFM now and have done another revamp of the program.

      This is why I prefer regular affiliate marketing, as promoting people’s products should be free to do.

  2. With so many opportunities being offered, these prices really seem high. What is my turn off, is the different shifts in management and different changes in the program that have taken place. I am glad I read about this because at least I get the honest view of someone reliable. You can explain all the details and make comparisons. Good information.

    • Thanks for stopping by JJ. You do have a point there. It is maybe best to go for a more stable program with a long term reputation.

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