How To Find The Right Career

how to find the right career

If you are wondering if you are in the right career, or you want to know how to find the right career for you, then read further.

Maybe you are bored at work and you don’t see any opportunities reaching out to you that will aid in your growth.

Maybe you have been dreaming of changing your career but don’t know how to go about it or are too scared.

You are not alone. Research shows that at least 50% of all working people believe that they have chosen the wrong path.

Regardless of why you feel this way about your career, the right career for you is out there and you just need to find it.

It is never too late to change. Look at Sylvester Stallone. At the age of thirty, he was still spending his days ushering at the local cinema. Andrea Bocelli was a lawyer but changed to doing his passion when he was 34.

Stop wasting your time and talent and discover how to find the right career path today.

How To Find The Right Career

how to find the right careerWhat Drives You?

When you are searching for the right career, you need to think carefully about what it is that drives you.

Don’t think along the lines of what is more secure, or what pays the most, work around your interests and passions.

This is essential when looking at how to find the right career.

These pointers might help steer you in the right direction.

  • Who do you admire and why?
  • What do you naturally enjoy doing?
  • What did you dream about doing when you were younger?
  • When are you at your happiest?
  • When was the last time that you completely lost track of time and what was it that you were doing?

In expanding on the last point here, when you lose track of time because you are enjoying yourself so much, this euphoric state is called ‘flow.’ People normally experience this when they have found a good fit in either their work, chores or in their leisure time.

Take the time to jot down what comes to mind, no matter how ridiculous it sounds. You may just be surprised at just how easily you can fit your passions into your new career.

What Skills Do You Have?

Once you have an idea where your interests and passions lie, take the time to figure out what skills you personally have and what skills you need. Don’t think of it as starting from scratch, as you can often use skills that you already have as a starting point.

If you are good at organizing a function or heading up a project, these sorts of transferable skills can be applied in almost any field.

Don’t only think of what you are good at in your work environment and don’t rely on yourself to find all your skills. Ask friends for help, as they often see things in you that you don’t.how to find the right career

Don’t Take It All On At Once

Remember that a career change will not happen overnight, and you may need to learn a new skill or brush up on existing ones to pursue your dream job.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed so break down your large goals into small bite-sized chunks. Now accomplish one small thing a day to keep your momentum going.

Ease Slowly Into Your New Job

Take the time to volunteer, network and if you can work part-time in your new field before fully committing to it. This will make the transition easier and you will be able to make sure that you have chosen the right career path and make necessary changes while you still can.

Don’t just rush in because you are unhappy at your existing job, you need to take the time to make the right choice or you could find yourself in a worse position than before.

Don’t Be Negative

There may be challenges and reasons that you feel you are maybe too old to change career paths and here are some common obstacles and how to overcome them.

I’m Too Old To Change My Job

The longer you have worked, the more skills you will have which you can transfer into a new career. Life is short and you are never too old to find how to find the right career.

It’s Too Much Work To Change

The trick here is to sit down and map out a plan of attack. Then break it down into tasks for yourself and you will manage this list just fine. Try this tool to make this process easier for you.

I’m Lucky To Have A Job At All In This Economy

Although it may feel like you are taking too much of a risk to consider changing careers, if you are unhappy in your current job, doing research on other options will benefit you in the long run.

You may even discover a career with a more stable long-term outlook than your current career, who knows.

Do You Want To Work For Yourself?

how to find the right career

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  1. I really love this article and trust me this is a much-needed one for me and people in general because most of the people just choose a random job or career to pursue and they don’t even have a proper interest in it. 

    That might affect them later in their life and it will be too late to do anything then.

    This article lists all the tips to follow to choose a career we like and desire.

    Thank you so much for sharing this article with us.

    • Thanks for your kind words. I don’t think it is ever too late to try something new, although the older you get, the scarier it gets.

  2. Very good post, Michel! Thanks a lot for putting this together.

    I think all this advice is great and at the same time, I love to hear about other people’s experiences with career change, not just advice.

    Could you maybe tell us more about your own experience with this? What was your situation? What were your challenges? How did you make it work? What really made a difference for you?

    I look forward to reading that!



    • I was lucky enough to know what I wanted to do at the beginning of my career, and I just used my 9 to 5 job as a stepping stone to getting to do what I really wanted to do, which was open a dance studio.

      I have been doing this for the last 25 years, but am now delving into the world of website creation part-time, as this is my future job once I get too old to teach. I am working and training at the same time while building an online business or two in the process.

  3. This is a great article.  I am lucky enough to actually have the best of both worlds.  I have a great job.  This job comes with a great pension, great benefits plan and its indeterminate which is about the best job security you can get.

    However, I do want to make a little more money for some of the things we have put on the back burner.  That’s where working for myself online comes in.

    Like I said I’m kind of lucky to have the best of both worlds and it’s going to stay that way for a long time.

    Thank you for your article.  It really made me think about how lucky I am in my situation.


    • That’s wonderful Dale, but nothing wrong with having that second career you love on the side too.

  4. I couldn’t agree more that a suitable career should be in line with one’s passions and interests. 

    Many people, including myself, are guilty of following the path of job security when deciding on career paths to take.  I, for instance, have been in a career that I don’t really like, and I have decided to take action and start building a website with the help of the wealthy affiliate platform. 

    Soon I will be able to leave the daunting job and be able to follow my passion, being able to work at home on the Internet and helping other people to do the same. 

    Many thanks and best regards

    • All the best with your websites Victor. The more you work on them, the faster you will be able to leave your job. Keep dangling that carrot and best of luck.

  5. Hi Michel

    Nice article you brought us I will, in fact, say this article made my day when I saw it because it looks more like a lecture.

    Not only did you put me right on track by reminding me to take one step at a time and trust me when I say I’m following every one of your steps all the way.

     Thanks a lot for this

  6. Hi! This post has opened my eyes concerning this great opportunity of opening my own website in something I’m truly passionate about.

    Yeah, as you have stated, in the World today we must be grateful we have a job. And it’s a great leap to switch careers. But starting a website can make that transition much easier than it would have been 50 years ago. I’ll give it a try! Thank you very much!

    • All the best with your journey Henry. It is so much easier for us to start a business now than it was for our grandparents, so I am so grateful for that.

  7. It can be really hard to figure out how to find the perfect career, especially when you are young, or perhaps have been stuck in a dead-end job for a long time. You have offered some very sound advice on how to work your way through the process of determining the best way to go…

    While reading through the article, I could not help reflecting how my career has shifted over the years from one direction to another. Sometimes it was based on circumstances initially, then was self-directed within that general career I chose and stuck with.

    The paths within that career in-turn led to more opportunities later in life too, as the lessons and experience helped open doors that would not have been there had I not pursued advancing in the original career I started with. Life is what you make of it often, and attitude determines altitude…

    These are maxims that you may have heard at one time or another, and they are certainly true for me. The people that read through this post will be well-advised to work through the process of how to find the right career as you have suggested…This includes your recommendation for the online platform Wealthy Affiliate. 

    There you can learn everything you need to know to build a career online with marketing. Everything I have been involved in over the years has been incorporated into the lessons I have learned there to provide me with my perhaps last career as an online marketer (who knows hehe)…

    I must say working for yourself is a rewarding career, and you can build in a lot of free time, or maybe better said, you can choose your work hours (you still have to work!)…It is not for everyone, but it will work for many. Online marketing is a very reasonable way to get started (low entry cost, quick learning curve, lots of opportunities to succeed, and fun too…

    Good post, good advice, and a good read. Thanks!

    • Good to hear that you have made the most of your career Dave and I wish you every success in your website development career that lies ahead.

      Thanks for the awesome comment.

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